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Brand Exposure

Brand Exposure is one of the best things you can have in marketing. Nike is an example with brand exposure, Amazon has a ton of Brand Exposure. Every store front you walk by, there is a Nike Logo. Every website you browse past, another logo. The only difference between the two is that Amazon has instant CTR (Click Through Rates). Wouldn’t you like your Online Brand Exposure to be better than your street Brand Exposure. There are many ways to increase your overall companies Brand Exposure online. Start with social media marketing in your local market to establish a beginning Brand Exposure. It may cost you some money but at least your associating yourself to a local or national market with your brand. It all depends on the goals of your business and the future of your business, but Brand Exposure is one key element to business success.

11 tips for better Monthly SEO Performance

Re-Vamping your current (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Take a look at these 11 tips for better Monthly SEO Performance This is a general outline of what is typically needed for highly competitive industry markets on local levels. There are literally thousands of industries that are tough to rank [...]