11 tips for better Monthly SEO Performance

Re-Vamping your current (SEO) Search Engine Optimization

11 Tips for Better SEO Performance

Take a look at these 11 tips for better Monthly SEO Performance

This is a general outline of what is typically needed for highly competitive industry markets on local levels. There are literally thousands of industries that are tough to rank for and it may take you stepping out of your comfort zone to get the job done and stay ahead of your competition. These 11 tips and steps to better monthly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance should set you apart from the competition and give you an edge on more leads and ultimately more money.

** = Not needed for SEO but will help rankings due to better user experience.

If you integrate these tips into your monthly SEO strategy, you are sure to succeed in your local market.

11 Tips for Better SEO Performance
11 Tips for Better SEO Performance
  1. Blog Posts: 2 Per week X 2 sites. 16 posts per month. 750+ words each, City Optimized.
  2. 12k words per month integrated into blog posts.
  3. Auto sync with social media accounts (Every time a post is added, it will be shared on all social media accounts).
  4. **Professional photography of every finished project included with watermarked branded images for google image search and google image organic search integrated into current landing pages and future blog posts.
  5. Re-vamping of current website landing pages and blog post pages in both websites.
  6. On page optimization revamping for every page.
  7. Keyword research of future blog posts and re-evaluation of current pages keywords and current rankings.
  8. Conversion rate optimization for landing pages and blog posts pages on both websites.
  9. Integrating forms on every page and increasing CTA on every page.
  10. **Video creation (documentary style or project overview style). Either create an overview of each project and what was special about it. Highlight the aspects of that project that make it stand apart from the rest. Launch those videos on you tube and market that target highlight (keyword) to your target market (city).
  11. Backlink Integration on guest posts or press release submissions.

This is just a general overview, there will obviously be more to this. All you have to understand is that you need to do something different/ more on a monthly basis.

Photography for SEO – Every Project?

You want to stand out from your competition don’t you? If you are having a professional business photographer come out and shoot every project you complete, you are not only going to build a beautiful portfolio, you are going to have hundreds of images to work with in your blog posts and landing pages for SEO. Optimizing these images for the search engines will give you an edge on the competition in Google images and on social media.

Videography for SEO – Every Project?

Videography and aerial videography may be one of those aspects of your monthly SEO strategy that be a little harder to achieve and start getting expensive. The best thing you can do is get a videographer on retainer for monthly SEO video services. Imaging if you have a custom video for every project you completed! Your rankings would shoot through the roof, your bounce rate would go down on every page, you would get more leads and eventually make much more money.

Let Front Street Media know if you have any questions. We are here to help you succeed in anyway we can. Contact Us today and lets start talking about your online goals and what you can actually make in regards to leads and more clients.

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