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Backlinks and Link-Building strategies that push your site higher in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Placement) can be risky. If you hire an “SEO Company” in El Dorado Hills, Sacramento, Folsom or anywhere for that matter, you better question, how they get links. Backlinks and Link-Building for SEO need to be looked at in a VERY WHITE-HAT approach and if not, your website may be in serious danger. There are many ways to go around achieving backlinks and most of them are easy. It is the hard, difficult to attain backlinks that you want. Starting a backlink campaign where you submit your website to hundreds of directories just doesn’t cut it anymore. Each industry is different when it comes to SEO and your backlink approach should be extremely specific per your industry. Being that most of the search engines weigh in on quality over quantity when it comes to backlinks, you should be incredibly selective about the sites that are linking to you. If you have any questions about Backlinks, Link-Building or SEO, reach out to Front Street Media in El Dorado Hills, we can help.

5 Local SEO Factors 2018

5 Local SEO Factors to Focus on in 2018 How to Prepare for Local SEO Strategy in 2018 (Backlinks, Content, Citations and General Strategy) What is working for SEO going into 2018? Over the last year in 2017, the landscape has changed for SEO. Many factors have changed for SEO strategy in 2017 and leading […]

Amazon Product Optimization (APO) / SEO

Amazon SEO Guide

Amazon Product Page SEO – Complete Amazon SEO Guide Strategies to Optimize Your Amazon SEO and Product Content Ranking – The Step by Step guide to ranking your products higher on Amazon. Today, we are targeting the biggest eCommerce kid on the block; Amazon. Amazon is currently the largest online eCommerce store pushing out some […]

How to Spot Shady SEO Companies

How to Avoid Being Burned by Fake SEO “Experts” How to spot Shady SEO Companies in Sacramento, Folsom, and El Dorado Hills SEO is a crucial skill of our time in the web world. Every business that’s online at all is competing to show up on the coveted first page of Google for its chosen […]

Aged or Expired Domain Names for 301 Redirects

301 Redirect Expired or Live Domains

Buying Aged or Expired Domain Names for 301 Redirects Whats Better? Buying Aged & Live or Aged & Expired Domain Names for 301 Redirects for passing Page Authority There has been a lot of talk about buying expired domain names for passing page authority but no one is talking about buying real, aged, live websites… which […]

Building Backlinks in 2016 – 2017

Building Backlinks SEO in 2016 and 2017

Best Strategies for Building Backlinks in 2016-2017 Strategies and Things to Consider When Building Backlinks into 2017 Backlinks are crucial to your SEO strategy. With good backlinks, you increase your rankings on Google and boost traffic to your site. With bad backlinks, you can incur penalties and really hurt your site. Furthermore, the rules for […]

SEO Services Folsom

SEO Folsom CA

Everything from On-Page SEO to Off-Page SEO services in Folsom, CA At Front Street Media located just outside of Folsom, we provide a wide variety of SEO services. Our SEO service list ranges from Inbound Marketing to Link Building and much more. We offer Link Building, Local SEO, Google MyBusiness Optimization, Guest Posting, (Content Marketing, […]

Utilizing Growth Hacking within SEO

Growth Hacking For SEO

Utilizing Growth Hacking within SEO Campaigns Take advantage of “Growth Hacking” to kick your business into high gear Based in the suburbs of Sacramento (El Dorado Hills/ Folsom) area, Front Street Media has ran many strategy campaigns for many local companies. That is what Growth Hacking is all about, one word… Strategy. If you are looking for […]