WordPress Website Design

WordPress is the ideal web design CMS (Content Management System) platform for starting out a business or personal website. The WordPress CMS is easy and intuitive to use, it has a lot of powerful tools and plugins available for free use. One of the main features that makes the WordPress CMS so popular is out-of-the-box SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin (SEO Yoast) to increase your website rankings in the search engines.  When it comes to picking a content management system for small, medium and even large sized website design projects, WordPress is the system that we recommend for most of our clients’ needs.

Why choose WordPress for your website design?

WordPress has a wide range of benefits…

  • Popular: Over 60 million (and growing) websites are built using WordPress.  This means that there are a huge number of people making user-created themes and plugins. The support for WordPress is put together from a massive community of users, many people willing to help in the support forums, and a robust network of fellow users to connect with.
  • Easy to use: For the most part, the WordPress web design CMS is easy to use, and websites are fairly easy to set up.  Many hosting companies already have setups ready for WordPress installs. What does this mean for you? Almost instantaneously, WordPress website set-up and development is live and ready to go in just a couple of minutes.
  • Open Source: When it comes to price comparison, you can’t beat open source!  You can set up a WordPress site completely for free (given you are using free themes or the WordPress web design themes) and have the site be fully functional and even responsive.
  • Premium Features and Upgrades: As you expand your site, you can also choose to pay for additional options such as premium themes, premium plugins, and premium functionality. Here is where it will get a bit more complicated. Installing premium themes and premium plugins may take some programming experience such ass customizing CSS and HTML or installing themes and plugins through FTP or on your server directly.  Open source CMS platforms will allow you to customize your domain name (name.com instead of name.wordpress.com, for example). Along with Open Source CMS platforms such as WordPress, you can provide your own hosting (for additional space) and much more.  All of these costs are optional, though, so you can upgrade your company’s website as the company grows and as you are able to do so.
  • Customizable: WordPress really benefits from crowd sourcing design.  The sheer number of users on WordPress means that there are many people out there designing amazing themes and plugins.  You can choose from a wide selection of free options, and even more that cost just a few dollars to use.
  • SEO: WordPress has excellent SEO on its back end, making it more likely that your page will appear higher on search rankings (given you know what you are doing when it comes to properly optimizing your website and conversion rates.  On the user side, SEO tools such as tagging, meta tags, permalinks, categories among many other SEO friendly items are readily available, making it simple even for internet amateurs to use SEO tools to optimize their sites.

How Can Front Street Media Help with your Website Design?

If WordPress is so easy to use, what’s to stop you from just building your own website on your own?  Why do you need us?

Of course, the simple answer is that nothing is stopping you from building your own website.  But there is a skill and an art to web design, no matter how simple the CMS is to use.  You can get a nice looking website up and running in a few minutes on WordPress, but if you want your website to stand out from the crowd you are probably going to need a little professional design and development help.  This is especially true if you want your site to have any particular functionality that does not come as standard issue with the basic WordPress web design theme or development.

The world of the internet is extremely competitive.  It’s not enough to put up a couple pages of information on a website and wait for people to come to you.  You have to be aggressive about creating, promoting, and maintaining amazing content and compelling designs for your website.

What does a GREAT website design need?

  • Amazing content, updated frequently
  • Eye-catching graphic design
  • Great photos (Professional Photography)
  • Social media optimization and integration
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • CTA (Call to Action)
  • User Experience Testing

If you’re already running a business, it can be overwhelming to realize that you have to put all this work into running your website.  It might be tempting to look at other websites that clearly don’t have as much work put into them and think…

“They’re still in business, so their website must be working”

There are many businesses out there with basic website designs that don’t do anything fancy.  It is also true that there are people in your area searching on Google for exactly the things you offer, and if you don’t know how to make your website show up on the front page of results they are simply never going to find you. Once they do find you, they are going to judge your business based directly on what they see on your website, have you been testing this?

  • How do the graphics make them feel?
  • How easily can they find the information they are looking for?
  • What impression does your website give of your business?
  • Do you have any CTA’s?
  • Have you optimized every page for search?
  • What is your number one goal?
  • Why is that your goal?
  • Why is that goal important?

Getting to the bottom line of what you want from your website will give you a much better idea about exactly what you should be doing to increase your revenue, if that is your goal.

At Front Street Media in El Dorado Hills, we put your business’s best face forward. We design eye-catching internal pages and websites with graphics that engage your audience and give an accurate impression of who you are. We provide you with interesting, informative content that will entertain your customers and give them confidence about your product while also sending your site up in the search engine rankings.

We handle the back-end coding (HTML and CSS) to ensure that your site is as fast as it can possibly be without compromising design. We provide updates and ongoing support, since an essential part of getting web traffic is keeping your site updated and creating new information. At the same time, we also give you control of the website so that you can make changes as you need to without having to call us for every little change you want. You’re in control, and with the simplicity of the WordPress CMS, you can take ownership of your website.

Pros and Cons of WordPress

The main drawback of WordPress as a FREE platform for a business website is that WordPress sites can only handle a certain volume of visitors, and the size of the site itself is limited (depending on the size of the server). WordPress sites can handle any small to medium size traffic volume, but if you anticipate that you will have a million hits a day, you will probably want to look at a bigger CMS such as Joomla or Drupal.

WordPress sites can handle any small to medium size traffic volume on a free level, but if you anticipate that you will have a million hits a day, you will probably want to look at a bigger CMS such as Joomla or Drupal.

WordPress Open Source Web Development

WordPress Open source website development on the other hand; is scalable to any size. With Open Source software, you can have your dream website on a corporate level or medium sized business level and receive unlimited visitors given your server can handle the bandwidth.

WordPress can scale to any size or any caliber website. Whether you are looking for an eCommerce website or a massive directory website, it can be done on WordPress. Given, of course, you have the right developer.

With all of the Open Source extensions, plugins, themes and frameworks avaliable for WordPress, the options are endless. If you are looking for a stunning WordPress website designer in Sacramento, reach out to Front Street Media, we can help.

Building Your Site With WordPress

For most businesses that are looking to put up a website, WordPress is a perfectly excellent CMS that has a well-earned reputation.  The Forbes, Sony, and CNN websites are WordPress sites.  WordPress is especially beneficial for small businesses and new websites.

If you think WordPress might be right for your site, talk to Front Street Media today for a free estimate! If you have any questions about WordPress web design in El Dorado Hills, contact Front Street Media. We are located in the El Dorado Hills business parks (entrance #1) and you are more than welcome to stop by our office anytime, just give us a call or fill out our contact form.