eCommerce Website Needs List

eCommerce Needs List

eCommerce Website Project Start Items

eCommerce Needs List

eCommerce Website Needs List (What you need to Start an eCommerce Website)

We will want to get started on the discovery phase of the website first. The main goal with an eCommerce website project is being organized… and money. The more organized you are, the smoother this whole process is going to go. We are going to give you a good amount of information but be patient, we will get through it. If you are looking for a company in Sacramento, you have come to the right place.

The only thing we need from your business in the beginning stages of an eCommerce website project is a little design and layout inspiration. We find that providing 2-3 websites that you like and what you like about them really helps us understand what you are looking for. Also, what you can expect from our end and holding our team accountable for features and functionality in an eCommerce website. Whether you are looking for a WordPress Website or a Magento eCommerce website, we can design and develop just about anything you can imagine.

This will give us a better idea of the website you are looking for and from there we can get you over a proposal accordingly.

The stuff below will come after we issue a proposal and scope of work.

Business Information

Business Information

  1. Business Name
  2. Business Address
  3. Business Phone
  4. Business Email (Do you need email accounts?)
  5. Social Media Accounts
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Pinterest
    4. Tumblr
    5. Wanelo
    6. Linkedin
    7. Yelp
    8. Pinterest
    9. Etc.

What we need for the eCommerce Store

eCommerce Store

  1. Product Categories
  2. Product names
  3. Product Feature Image
  4. Product Gallery Images
  5. Product Description
  6. Product Prices
  7. SKUs (if applicable)
  8. Color Variations
  9. Size Variations
  10. Shipping Rates (Flat rate, free, zone shipping, etc.)
  11. NOTE: Free Shipping or flat rate will always get you more sales.

Website pages we need for the eCommerce website

pages we need for the eCommerce website

  1. Home Page (How much content/ copy do you want on the home page, please provide it)
  2. Home Page Sections (How many sections, product feeds, about sections, category sections, etc.)
  3. About You/ Company (who, what, when, where and why)
  4. Contact Page (All contact information)
  5. FAQ Page (Questions customers will ask you)
  6. Terms of use (
  7. Privacy Policy Page (
  8. Refunds, Warranty, Cancellations, and Returns Page

We will need the following items to start

Getting Started with eCommerce Website Design

  1. Logo Files (AI, EPS, Large PNG files will work)
  2. Website Examples that you like and what you like about them (2-3)
  3. Colors – What color scheme are you looking for or do you know?
  4. Registrar Login (GoDaddy,, Network Solutions, Etc.)
  5. Login to your Gateway Account (Authorize.NET)
  6. NOTE: You will also need a merchant account (Wells Fargo, BofA, Chase Bank, Etc. – DO NOT LET YOUR BANK SELL YOU GATEWAY SERVICES)
  7. Login to your Shipping Software (if Applicable –, Etc.)
  8. NOTE: You will also need a Account for shipping and auto-generated shipping costs
  9. Any images you want to be included in the design
  10. Any graphics you want to be included in the design
  11. Any Specific Product you would like to highlight?

This is a rough idea to get started on  eCommerce website

We will also need a deposit for the website but that will come after we send over a proposal. To get you over a proposal, can you please send over the 2-3 websites you find your business closely relate too? That way, we can have a better idea for the design elements and outline. After you send this over, we can get you a proposal, you can put down a deposit and we can get started.

The process in developing out an eCommerce website design project will really depend on a number of features and functionality you are looking for. Our team can usually build, design and develop an entire eCommerce in about 8-16 weeks. Here is a breakdown on product count and features that will give you an idea for your project.

  • 1-3 products (usually a subscription website) – 4-8 weeks
  • 20-50 simple products – 8-10 weeks
  • 20-50 variable products (color, size, options, etc.) – 10-12 weeks
  • 100+ simple products – 16-20 weeks
  • 100+ variable products – 20-30 weeks

Again, there are so many variables that go into building an eCommerce website so its all about setting realistic expectations and goals. We want to build your website as fast as possible, but we also want to take our time in making it perfect.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about starting en eCommerce or eCommerce reDesign website project.

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