Affiliate Marketing in 2019: Your Guide to Top-earning Online

Affiliate Marketing in 2019: Your Guide to Top-earning Online

What is Affiliate Marketing in Today’s Market?

Affiliate marketing, such a great concept, isn’t it? Create a website, market the website, and sell other companies’ products for commission while they do all the heavy lifting.

Next, pack and ship those products while you embrace the joyous task of dealing with often unruly customers. Then you just sit back and collect your monthly commissions.

And if you’re good at marketing, those monthly commission checks could be pretty sizable. Unfortunately, the allure of this prospect entices everyone who gets word of this money-making method.

This creates a heft competition which makes this whole undertaking not as easy as one would hope. There’s a lot that goes into all of this, much to know, and you have to start with the basics. From there, you can develop SEO strategies that will hopefully push you ahead of your competitors.

So, let’s start with square one, shall we?

Understand the Basics and How to Make Commission Online

The goal is to build residual income.

This residual income will keep paying for years to come whilst you sit back sipping a fruity drink on a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific.

But how do you get there?

First and foremost, WORK. Hard, relentless, blood-sweat-and-tears, tireless work in writing content until your fingers cramp.

That’s just the trust of it, otherwise, everyone would be successful at this.

Nothing beats work ethic. Intelligence, talent, and know-how can only get you so far. But without the work ethic, your odds of real success are slim to none.

Find a Product that Interests You and Establish Your Niche

Now you just need to find a product that interests you.

You will be spending lots of time writing about this product to make sure it’s something you enjoy, or you will burn out like the withering flame of a dying candle…

Look at your competitors from a lens of realism. Will your main competition be Nike? No? Okay, just scratch that idea then.

Point is: you want to find a niche. Something no one is doing or at least one with very few competitors. Once you have all this determined and your site is up, you’re off to a good start.

What is Affiliate Marketing in 2019?

For those of you that haven’t fully grasped the meaning of affiliate marking from my above rants, I’ll wrap it up quick.

It is a marketing arrangement where an online retailer will pay you a commission to an external website’s (your website’s) sales and traffic brought in by its referrals.

Amazon? ClickBank? Who Are Your Affiliate Resources?

If you really want to get into the game of affiliate marketing, which I’m assuming you do if you’re still reading this article, then you need to know your affiliate resources.

Who are the heavy hitters out there, the ones that will shell out the big commission?

Top-paying Affiliate Marketing Programs To Earn the Most in 2019

Well, I am sure for most of you, the powerhouse Amazon will be the first that comes to mind. But don’t neglect the smaller fish because there’s money to be earned from them as well.

Clickbank is an excellent affiliate resource. There are a number of ways to earn commissions through their affiliate programs, not just limited to promoting sales of a specific product, but also advertising them through PPC ad networks. Here’s a list of the top affiliate marketing websites right now.

What are you selling and how do you find a niche?

I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough, NICHE. NICHE, NICHE, NICHE. If you are attempting to sell something that everyone and their brother is selling, good freaking luck. You will still work hard, but your results will be minimal.

And when I mean minimal, I mean sparse pocket change, not-worth-your-time minimal.

With the global population pushing almost 8 billion people, you’ve got to believe that there are few things that haven’t been thought of and attempted. Luckily, the average populace lacks creative thought and work ethic so most of those things are poorly executed.

That’s where your opportunity lies. Find a product you believe in. Something you want to tell your friends and family about because it excites you, and then put your own personal unique twist on it. How can you improve this product or marketing method that can set you apart from your competition? Here’s a list of top niches to get you started.

Be unique and original. Provide a good user experience by fulfilling the searcher’s intent. When you write a blog, you intend to attach a link to an affiliate sites’ product.

So, make the information original and authentic to you.

Make it something that can’t be found in the first results of the Google results page. If you are creating content purely for getting that commission sale, you won’t get far.

Readers want new, useful information. So give them something they wouldn’t find on any other site.

This will improve not only your SEO but also your conversion rates. And that means more clicks!

What’s the timeline? And how long until you start making money?

In this day and age of instant gratification, we want results and we want them now!

It works that way in almost all other facets in life these days. You need information on a topic, a 2-second google search will fulfill that need instantaneously. But when you start your affiliate marketing site, be patient. There’s is a number of factors that come into play in regard to getting your pages ranked for keywords that will take time.

Be prepared to wait. Be patient. Nothing here is overnight.

I recently watched a video by Neil Patel claiming money can be generated from your affiliate site within approximately 6 months. But if Neil Patel’s skills were compared to that of a pro-athlete, for instance, he’d be the Michael Jordan of SEO. Or the Tom Brady of content marketing. The point is that this 6-month projection may not be applicable to every SEO-er considering Patel’s status in the SEO world.

But who knows, if you find your niche and your SEO is on point, I suppose anything can happen.

No matter what, give it time, and don’t give up. If you’ve found a niche market that gets adequate traffic, with time and effort, you will find your success.

Michael Jordan once said: “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.”

Passive Residual Commission has never been easier.

The fact is, there are 18-year-old kids out there becoming millionaires from affiliate marketing.

They’re probably in a country right now where they can legally drink, sitting in a lavish hotel suite planning their next day’s adventures. All while occasionally checking their bank account to observe its growth continually increasing with a gleeful expression on their face.

This can be your reality too; the outline for success is out there.

Follow the steps of proven results, do the work, don’t be lazy, and your dreams will come to fruition.

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