E-commerce SEO Solutions

The steps to getting an eCommerce website design going is a nightmare if you don’t know what you are doing. There are literally hundreds of pages to create, products to upload and optimize, content to create and let’s not forget to mention your blog that should be rolling every week.

From product categories to 1500 word privacy policy pages, the thought of creating optimized content for each of these sections can be draining. On top of the core foundation of content and pages, you will need to install an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for upgraded security.

Driving Traffic Through SEO (Organic Traffic)

When you have an online eCommerce store, you know how important driving traffic to your website can be. At times, you may find yourself struggling to rank for the keywords you want.

Getting ranked for these keywords/ key terms and attaining the amount of traffic needed to profit from your online store is crucial to your online success.

There are a few main things to look at in an eCommerce website to increase your overall traffic. We will go over these aspects of an eCommerce store, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and what’s needed to get ranked and stay ranked.

Areas of Service and Improvement

First, we want to highlight exactly what Front Street Media will provide upon engaging in your Ecommerce SEO campaign. We will provide the following services for your online store:

  • Generation of highly targeted relevant traffic to your online store from the best white hat SEO practices
  • Identification of keywords, words, phrases and long tail keywords that your customers are searching
  • Analyzing your store’s eCommerce funnel to find gaps in the buying or checkout process
  • Resolving eCommerce problems and Increasing Conversions with CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
  • Content creation for product categories and product descriptions
  • URL restructuring (if needed) for proper indexing and link sharing
  • Increase your users experience through customer support pages and FAQ sections
  • Create user-friendly “How-to” or “Guide” pages based on your industry

Beyond the scope of creating these aspects of Ecommerce SEO, we first need to look at your industry, competition and what the current status of your site is now. There are many different aspects of an eCommerce campaign and the bullet points listed above are only a few key elements of optimizing an online store.

Let’s dive right in and find out what the top factors of Ecommerce SEO are. Keep in mind that every industry is different and what works for one niche may not work for another.

Easiest Areas to Improve

Improving your product categories and product descriptions

Let’s start at the most basic level of an online store; your category descriptions and product descriptions. Without these pages in your store, you have no store. Forget it, just give up now and drop your project. These sections of your online store can literally make or break your online marketing efforts.

No matter how much you post on Facebook, Pinterest or Wanelo for your Ecommerce store, without high-quality category descriptions and product descriptions, you will lose. A good example of a category description would be at least 300-500 words explaining what that category is all about.

In each category description, you want to highlight the main products along with the keywords you are looking to rank for. As for your actual product descriptions, you want these to range anywhere from 300 – 1500 words, depending on competition.

As for the actual content in your product descriptions, you want to create pages with highly usable information, educational information, and compelling information.

Ask yourself the following questions about your product descriptions:

  • Are they unique – not content from supplier websites
  • Do they have original videos – in-house videos and not review videos
  • Are they search engine friendly – not stuffed with keywords
  • Are they friendly – are your customers reading the whole page
  • Are they educational – is your customer learning something

These are just a few of the question you want to ask yourself when evaluating your product pages.

Create Support Pages and FAQ Pages to better your customer’s experience

Creating support pages and high-quality FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) pages are excellent for Ecommerce SEO.

We are not talking about a single FAQ page that covers your top 5 questions. Instead of creating a basic FAQ page, go above and beyond and create something meaningful to your customers.

Going above and beyond means creating the top 20, 30 or even 50 most frequently asked questions that your customers ask you on a daily basis.

You can break down your FAQ’s into sections based on the type of questions your customers ask. An example might be the following:

  • FAQ section for size, height, weight, etc.
  • FAQ section for shipping and returns
  • FAQ section for anything that pertains to your product

Next would be your product support pages 

  • Support page for cleaning
  • Support page for maintenance
  • Support page for DIY repair

These support pages should be broken down into actual pages. Under your cleaning section for example, you would have the top 10 ways of cleaning your product(s) that link to new pages and explain in detail on how to clean your product. This can work for virtually any industry, you just have to do your research.

You can see from this example, you would end up with plenty of new pages that you will ultimately rank for. The goal is to rank for terms like “Best ways to clean ABC WIDGET” or “How to repair ABC Widget”. This type of content is very user-friendly and great for your users.

These are just a few examples of what to do and what to create to help your Ecommerce SEO efforts. If you are stuck with your online marketing efforts or you feel like you need a little help, give Front Street Media in El Dorado Hills a call today.