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How Many Logo Design Options do we present?

Logo Design Process and Presentation

Many logo designers find themselves giving tons of different design options as a way to make their customers happier with their service. After all, the more options you have, the better, right?

Since 2005, we have designed countless logo design projects as well as complete brand identity packages. As a leader in the brand identity and logo design industry in Sacramento, Folsom and El Dorado Hills area, we have learned and gained the knowledge in which client design projects call for many or few designs. We have experience in providing a very wide range of logo design options as well as a core set (2-3).

Providing more logo design options does not always help you, the client. In fact, it may harm or inhibit your ability to make a sound decision on a core set of designs that we do provide. Also, providing a wide range of logo’s may also make for a more negative design experience overall.

And after all, we are not in the logo design contest business.

Why design fewer logo options to choose from?

Too Many Logo Designs

So, what is the problem with too many designs?

Consumer Overwhelm

Have you ever gone to the grocery store for a bag of chips and just stood in the middle of the aisle because you were so overwhelmed by all the options? There are so many choices that you couldn’t possibly choose between them.

You might narrow it down to the flavor you want, but then there are five different brands that make that flavor. How do you know which one to choose? Eventually, you just pick one. When you get home, you will probably be happy because chips are simply delicious.

Options and choices often create confusion

The point is, options and choices often create confusion, confusion often leads to rash decisions. Rash decisions are often and almost always regretted. Whether you are looking for a new design or a logo redesign, too many options with logo design and brand identity projects are much more stressful than having a select few to choose from.

According to many marketing studies, you are actually less happy with your choice than you would have been if you had only had one option for that flavor or logo design in this case.

We don’t want you to panic. As a brand identity consulting company, want you to feel relaxed and happy through your experience with Front Street Media. And while logo design and brand identity projects do cost money, we want you to get the results you want from your investment. The last thing we want is for you to be unhappy with your brand, six months down the road.


We can give you a bunch of designs, and we can understand the key differences between the designs, but to anyone who is not a professional designer it can be very difficult to really see what is being presented.

Many customers get distracted by irrelevant details such as color. A color is so easy to change! What we are concerned with isn’t the color; it’s the composition, the use of negative space, the cleanness of the lines, the way the fonts work with the design, and the overall artistic effect.

We have found that it is much better for us to work in our zone of genius – designing your logo the way it needs to be – than to overwhelm you with choices that are often filled with distractions anyway, which make it much harder for you to choose.

We often present in black and white 

This is why we often present in black and white (charcoal/ off white) and typically the iconic portion of your brand identity only. Depending on how specific your companies vision is on the logo, presenting iconic brand elements first and in black and white will almost always get you closer to the best end-result.

After presenting the iconic portion of your logo and then coming to a decision, we can then move to the typography and possibly color. Although color may come last depending on the overall design, layout, and presentation we are working on.

Every logo design presentation is different

Some logo design presentations are presented with very few (1-3) and some may have more (5-10). In most cases, we try to stay between 4-6 on the initial presentation before moving forward with an exact vision. In some off-the-wall logo design projects, we have seen as many as 15-20+ design within one presentation. Although, some of these logo designs may have been slight variations of one another.

What we do Instead: Listen

Listen To Your Logo Design Goals

We really do listen to what you are saying, and that is how we base our pricing.

Just because we don’t provide 20+ designs to choose from, doesn’t mean you won’t love your logo. As a well-known company, we strive to provide you with the highest quality logo design presentation until we get it right.

We start off by having a conversation about what drives you, your business and your vision for your companies corporate identity. We take the time to get to know you, understand your business goals and discuss designs that you like. We like to sit down and browse the internet of things with you. Whether that be Google images, Pinterest, Instagram or any other image-driven platform.

We search images, designs, logos, brands and photography

After we save and compile as many images, designs, logos, brands and photography elements that you LOVE, we save this information and then have a separate meeting with our design team. After we discuss our vision for your vision, we then provide a quote and go to work.

Logo design, like any form of advertising or branding, is all about psychology. Your logo is going to make your customers feel a certain way. When we verbally go over your logo with you, we will be able to describe the different directions we can take. After an initial meeting with our team, you are sure to be impressed by how we communicate design.

Rough sketches

It takes a long time to create a sample image in Illustrator. It takes just a second to sit down with a paper and pen and make a rough sketch of a logo concept. So just because we aren’t presenting you with a whole portfolio of sample logos which each took 10 hours to make, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to look at.

If you are a visual learner, we will make sure that you have sketches to look at. It takes a few seconds to do a rough sketch on a piece of paper and an hour or more to do a rough conceptual design in Illustrator.

So with a sketch, we can easily and efficiently show you the different options for directions we can go with your logo design. Getting the same thing done in less time and with less work means we can keep our prices lower and give you a better value, which is a win for you.

Getting your feedback

Of course, the whole point of talking out our designs with you and showing you rough sketches is to involve you in the design process. We want you to be happy with the logo we create for you. That is why we discuss our different ideas with you early on. We want to make sure that you like the direction we are going in before we put together an initial 5 unique custom logo designs.

Our Prices

What makes us different is our pricing. Compared to an agency level logo design and brand identity company, we structured a little differently. With some of the bigger companies that have 20-30 employees, you will be billed an hourly rate. This hourly rate can range from $75/hr – $195/hr+ depending on the market you live in.

What makes our pricing different? 

Flat rate. We design until you are 100% happy with the end result. Yes, that means unlimited revisions until you love your company identity. We are by no means the cheapest logo design company in Sacramento, but you can be sure that when we give you a proposal, that is the number you will pay.

We are never going to bill you per hour with per hour minimums for making simple changes. Paying by the hour for logo design and brand identity projects can put your bank account at risk very fast.

It is always nice to have a budget and with us, you can set a budget and we can get to work.

We also don’t want to spend 40 hours designing custom logos, just to have most of them go in the trash. We spend a few hours talking to you about what you want, sketching out some possible designs, and making sure that we are on the right track with the design you want.

Then we give you a few designs. Since we talked about it with you, you know it’s going to be a design you love. Since we streamlined our process, you pay for less time. Everybody wins, especially your business.

Why does our logo design process work?

  • On average, about 3-5 logo designs initially and 4 unique presentations until we land on a final logo design/ company brand identity.
  • Depending on the project, we have three logo designers on staff working on your project at all times throughout the entire project.
  • You want a great logo for a great price. We deliver it by cleaning up our design process and making it as efficient as possible.

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