eCommerce Web Design

When it comes to eCommerce web design and eCommerce SEO in El Dorado Hills, Folsom and the Sacramento area, you need to choose a company with experience. Your customers are trusting you with their financial information, and the last thing you want is a beginner eCommerce designer. Your customers expect that your website is safe, so put their mind at ease with an experience eCommerce web design and development company.

As a business owner, you are supposed to be looking out for your customers. As a local leader in eCommerce website design, we provide you with every aspect of security you need to allow for smooth transactions. Security in an eCommerce website is the single most important aspect running an online store. At Front Street Media, we have years of experience in creating eCommerce websites with secure servers and smooth credit card processing.

Must-have Features in Your eCommerce Website

  • Dedicated/ VPS Server Hosting
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
  • WAF (Web Application Firewall
  • Cloud Backups
  • Database Backups
  • Core (CMS) Backups
  • CloudFlare Enabled
  • EV (Extended Validation) SSL

How can you be sure that your eCommerce website is safe?

The answer is, you rely on us. Our team of eCommerce web designers are experts in security. We offer the latest technologies to make it safe and convenient for your customers to pay for your goods and services. Let your customers buy from your website, with no worries about whether their information will be secure.

Along with incredibly secure servers and multiple layers of security, you want to make sure your website is fast. By enabling features like website caching and a CDN (Content Delivery Network), we can speed up your website and instantly deliver the front-end to millions of users across the globe at lightening speeds.

Website Security and Processing

Ecommerce Websites with SSL

SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer”

This is a tool that creates a secure link between a customer’s browser and the website. In other words, a hacker that is looking in from the outside will not be able to see the transaction between the customer and your website. Websites that do not have SSL Certificates will have transactions that can potentially be seen by third parties unless they are using a third party merchant and gateway such as Paypal.

SSL Certificates are a great way to show customers that security is important to your online store. Your customers will be able to see the SSL icon (a padlock) in their search bar next to the URL of the site if your SSL Certificate is installed correctly. Depending on the settings you have us select, the URL may also be highlighted in green. Both of these indications show your customers that their information will be safe because you have an SSL Certificate on your site.

Dedicated Servers

Another service we offer is dedicated servers for your eCommerce website and online store. There are many steps involved in creating an eCommerce website store and it is important to have a profession do this for you as it will cause countless headaches and you may just give up. Dedicated servers are a special feature for eCommerce clients, and as the name suggests, it means that you have a single server specifically for your website and online store.

Usually, a single server can host multiple websites; however, you need a dedicated IP address to run a secure eCommerce website. The majority of websites do not get enough traffic or hold enough data to use an entire server. In the case of an eCommerce website; however, it is not a matter of data and storage, it is a matter of security.

These security risks are not a threat to people who are publishing content, but for people who are dealing with sensitive information such as credit card numbers, it can be possible for someone to access that information on a shared server. Therefore if you have an eCommerce website we strongly suggest that you take advantage of our dedicated server service and ensure the security of your customers’ information. Having your eCommerce website on a dedicated server with a clean SSL Certificate install will ensure perfect security.

PayPal, Stripe or Pay with Amazon

PayPal, Stripe and Pay with Amazon are all great options for accepting payments on your e-commerce website. These payment services hold customers’ payment information on its own servers so that customers do not need to give any sensitive information on your site and you do not need to be responsible for keeping their sensitive information safe.

When a customer opts to pay for an item via PayPal, your online store will redirect to PayPal itself, where the customer will login to verify the payment. Thus PayPal takes the responsibility for your customers’ security, while you gain the benefit of convenient payments and the customer enjoys not having to fish out a credit card to enter payment information. When you set up an E-commerce website with PayPal, Stripe or Pay with Amazon, we can make sure that your customers enjoy the maximum in convenience and security.

Problems with PayPal, Stripe or Pay with Amazon

The only problem with options like these is that your conversion rates will not be as high as opposed to having an SSL on a dedicated server. With options like PayPal, your customers have to leave your website to make a payment which may be considered another step to make a payment, while on a dedicated server with an SSL, the payment method is much easier.

Problems with WooCommerce and Magento for eCommerce

When looking into an eCommerce website, most companies are going to opt for WooCommerce on WordPress or Magento. Well, at least these are your best choices for an “affordable” eCommerce website solution. There are many other eCommerce website platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce and a handful of others. But, WooCommerce and Magento will give you the most flexibility.

With that being said, WooCommerce and Magento also limit your ability to design certain elements. This is the one big problem with using WooCommerce and or Magento for eCommerce if you were to do it yourself. You have to know server level PHP, CSS and HTML to truly customize a WooCommerce or Magento eCommerce website.

This is why is so important to have a professional design and develop your eCommerce website. When we run into problems, we are very familiar with every piece of code in WooCommerce and Magento. You can trust that Front Street Media of El Dorado Hills can get the job done for you. From El Dorado Hills to Folsom and throughout greater Sacramento, trust Front Street Media as your eCommerce expert nearby.

When you need a real developer, give us a call. We can help!

These are all things to consider when designing and developing an eCommerce website. If you have any questions about designing or developing an eCommerce website, give us a call today or fill out our contact form.