Why is SEO so important

Why is Search Engine Optimization so important to your small business?

We get asked this question all the time, and there is really one simple answer, to get you more business. Getting more business and building revenue as well as company growth is a part of the American dream and Search Engine Optimization is a great tool to get you there. When compared to many other forms of marketing, SEO is one of the best forms of marketing a small business can go with. With more users on the Internet every day as well as millions of smartphones being utilized it is no wonder why search engine optimization is a must for small businesses.

Growing your Business Revenue with SEO

When compared to other traditional forms of marketing, such as billboards, magazines, TV commercials, and radio, only Search Engine Optimization can convert a prospect to a lead and ultimately into a client in a matter of seconds. Every business owner that has an SEO campaign or an optimized website should understand the importance of conversion ratios or CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and ROI (Return on Investment).

Increasing the overall growth of revenues within your business model isn’t always easy; however, with SEO, it can be much easier. Growing your business revenue is easier with SEO because the leads and prospects become much more consistent as opposed to traditional forms of media. Once your website is ranking for the terms or keywords you are targeting, your leads and prospects will come much more often and consistent.

Increase in Brand Identity and Brand Exposure

SEO has a huge impact on your online exposure which increases your brand awareness and brand exposure. If your customers are searching for your industry and you are not ranking on Google, Yahoo or Bing maps, you are missing a huge amount of impressions on your business name and brand. With local SEO, once you are on the search engine map listings, your prospects will see your brand and begin to associate your name brand to your industry. Increasing your brand identity and brand exposure with SEO efforts can really set you apart from the competition.

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