Updated: 8/28/2015

FRONT STREET MEDIA (“Front Street Media Web Design” or “” or “we” or “us”) has created this privacy policy to demonstrate our commitment to our users (“you” or “Customers” or “Visitors” or “Users”), privacy of this website ( Privacy on on our website is very important and we take privacy and commitment to privacy very serious. Because we collect information on this website that is for the purpose of providing a service, protecting that data and information is important to our company (Front Street Media). Given that our user (“you” or “Customers” or “Visitors” or “Users”) provide us data and personal information, we have established our information gathering process and dissemination process set fourth on this website ( By using our website (, you are agreeing to our privacy policy and also Terms of Service (TOS) section set fourth to protect the customer (“you” or “Customers” or “Visitors” or “Users”).

Collection and Use of Personal Information:

We collect the following information on (

  • Contact Information: Name, Email, Address, Phone, URL, Business Information
  • Billing Information: Credit Card Number, Name, Email, Business Address
  • Registrar Information: Account Numbers, Passwords, Security Questions, Security Answers
  • Personal Information: Business Information, Proprietary Information, Protected Information
  • Activity Information: Purchase History, Content, Traffic, Views, Demographic Data

Information We Collect

We require that a customer (“you” or “Customers” or “Visitors” or “Users”) who registers to use our services on this website provide the following but not limited to first name, last name, business name, personal address, company address, personal phone number, personal email address, company phone number, company email address, cookies, IP address and other information. This is know as your information (“Personal Information”) which you submit to our company for the use to provide the service you request. Additionally, we will collect all “Personal Information” herein needed to provide service level agreements. Furthermore, we will collect any company information “Company Information” that may be needed to provide additional services rendered from this website ( At anytime, you may choose to not provide such information “Personal Information” or “Company Information” on this website; however, at anytime this may hinder the proper use of this website and may break service level agreements.

How We Use this Information

We use the information “Personal Information” or “Company Information” provided by you (“you” or “Customers” or “Visitors” or “Users”) to provide a service, maintain our website, contract service level agreements, provide authorization forms and create proper Terms of Service (TOS) deemed appropriate when necessary. We may also use this information to (at any point in time) contact your company, solicit your company and provide information about our company to your company or “Personal Information” or “Company Information”. With this information “Personal Information” or “Company Information” that you (“you” or “Customers” or “Visitors” or “Users”) provide our company (Front Street Media), you may receive information (Newsletters, Certified Mail, Phone Calls) from our company, about our company and for our company. At any time you choose to not receive this information, please contact our support staff and opt out of mail, email, phone calls and solicitation from our company.

What we do with your information

We hold your information on file, locally in-house, on servers, national servers, local servers, data centers and hard copies. This information is not distributed, sold, re-written, transferred, copied, shared or given to any second or third party sources. Unless under the company (Front Street Media) Terms of Service (TOS) sections where you (“you” or “Customers” or “Visitors” or “Users”) agree to have your information distributed, sold, re-written, transferred, copied, shared or given to any second or third party sources, we never conduct business with or comply with third party resources/ sources whom in act of compliance, request your data. In the event that our company (Front Street Media) Terms of Service (TOS) section(s) are overturn by local or federal litigation, our company (Front Street Media) must comply with local, state and federal laws.

Our Commitment to Our Privacy Policy

Within the confines of our service, maintenance of our website (, contract service level agreements, authorization forms and Term of Service (TOS), our company (Front Street Media) does not wish to have information “Personal Information” unless for the use of service. We state at the time of data requests and information requests “Personal Information” herein that we do not disclose information to third parties. All information that is collected through this website ( will be for the sole use of qualify company data and billing information to provide a bill of sale via contract service level agreements, authorization forms and invoices.

How you may use our website (

You may use our website to host information about your business, if deemed necessary given a service level agreement and an authorization form with confirmation of payment via third party merchant services/ gateway services. With information you submit to our website (“Data”), we will not redistribute, print, sell, transfer such items. (“Data”) can be considered email, pictures, information (“Public Information”) and email correspondence. Individual records of your (“Data”) can and will be reviewed at any time by our company (Front Street Media) in order to provide and uphold any service level agreements. The purpose of reviewing, editing or viewing this data may be for the use of resolving a technical problem, assisting in a service, providing support, viewing suspected violation of the Terms of Service (TOS) on our website ( When this information is made presentable, you (“you” or “Customers” or “Visitors” or “Users”) are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your “Personal Information” which may include but is not limited to user names, password and secure data (“Data”).

Age of Use

Front Street Media is NOT an 18 years of older website; however, with respect to age, we do not wish to accept, collect or solicit data (“Data”) from any and all persons under 14. If in the case, you are a person that is 14 years or younger, you are violating or privacy policy and Terms of Service. If you are a person that is 14 years or younger, please leave our website.

Anti-Spam Policy

Front Street Media is subscribed to an Anti-Spam policy for any/ all and partial communication of prospects, clients and customs, you (“you” or “Customers” or “Visitors” or “Users”). Our commitment to our Anti-Spam policy protects us from unsolicited mail, email, notifications, alerts, messaging, text messaging and any form of communication that you receive as deemed unnecessary.

If you believe you are a victim of our Anti-Spam policy, received unsolicited message or unsolicited communication please contact support via email at

Third Party Website Links

This website ( may contain links to other third party websites. We are not responsible, nor do we control the information collected on these websites, given you click from our website ( to a third party website ( You will need to read the Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy on these third party websites to understand their (Third Party Website) policies. When you access another third party website from our website, you may be disclosing private information “Personal Information”. When this information is made presentable, you (“you” or “Customers” or “Visitors” or “Users”) are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your “Personal Information” which may include but is not limited to user names, password, IP Address and any secure data (“Data”).


When you view our website (, we may store data known as Cookies on your local machine/ hard drive/ local drive. This information will be in the form of a Cookie. Cookies enable our company (Front Street Media) to allow secure transactions and establish sessions on our website (


Our commitment to Privacy and our Privacy Policy is enhanced with our SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and can be found at ( This SSL allows us to keep any/ all and partial data secure and safe via a Secure Socket Layer. For billing, our company (Front Street Media) may use a third party merchant provider, gateway provider or SSL provider to enhance your experience and ease of use on our website ( Given the security of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) WE DO NOT GUARANTEE YOUR INFORMATION IS KEPT SECURE AND PRIVATE.

Additional Information

This Privacy Policy was put in part by our company (Front Street Media) in order to inform you (“you” or “Customers” or “Visitors” or “Users”) of our policies and how we use data and information (“Personal Information” and or “Data”). If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, you can email our support staff via email at or by certified mail addressed to 5000 Windplay Drive Suite #2, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 (Attn: Privacy Policy Administrator).