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User Experience in your Web Design can have a huge impact on conversion rates, SEO, Bounce Rates and ultimately qualified leads. When you are looking to increase the User Experience in your website, you need a qualified web designer in the greater Sacramento, Folsom and El Dorado Hills area who has developed a handful of sites. If you want a web development company to give you good advice on what is a User Experience in website design, look no further. Front Street Media has developed hundreds of website for local clients throughout Greater Sacramento, Folsom and El Dorado County. We have the experience, skills and knowledge to create a website that not only looks good but performs as well.

5 Local SEO Factors 2018

5 Local SEO Factors to Focus on in 2018 How to Prepare for Local SEO Strategy in 2018 (Backlinks, Content, Citations and General Strategy) What is working for SEO going into 2018? Over the last year in 2017, the landscape has changed for SEO. Many factors have changed for SEO strategy in 2017 and leading […]

19 Digital Marketing Tools of 2017

19 Digital Marketing Tools for Online Marketing in 2017 My Favorite Digital Marketing and Guest Posting Tools in 2017 Strategic online marketing is crucial for improving brand awareness in this ever-changing digital age we live in today. Consumers are constantly bombarded with brand marketing messages through various online platforms such as social media applications like […]

Extended Validation SSL Install (GoDaddy)

Extended Validation SSL Certificate Install (GoDaddy) Extended Validation SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Installation – Step by Step through GoDaddy If you are looking to establish your brand as an authority in any market, you should look into an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. We decided to make the jump to an Extended Validation SSL Certificate because it increases […]

Adobe Business Catalyst Web Design SEO

Adobe Business Catalyst Web Design & SEO

Adobe Business Catalyst for Web Design, SEO and eCommerce Review and Overview – A WordPress/ Magento Perspective Adobe Business Catalyst is a Content Management System that has been getting a lot of attention, so we wanted to take a deeper look into the CMS. Adobe has been trying really hard to get a leading position […]

Build and Nurture SEO Leads Sales Funnel

TOFU - MOFU - BOFU - feature

How to build and nurture leads using this three-step sales funnel TOFU, MOFU, BOFU in SEO and Content Marketing Previously, we did a post on the Three Tiered Sales Funnel for SEO or TOFU, MOFU, BOFU in Content Marketing content and inbound marketing. Now that you understand the basics on the the SEO sales funnel, we […]

3 Tiered SEO Sales Funnel

SEO Sales Funnel

3 Tiered SEO Sales Funnel Marketing The three-tiered sales funnel and how to make it work for you when it comes to SEO Located in the suburbs of Sacramento (El Dorado Hills), Front Street Media has the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experience you can count on when it comes to a proper inbound marketing and […]

Beware of These Web Design Trends in 2016

Web Design Trends To Avoid

Design Trends to Avoid and Why Your Website Is Not Converting As fun as it is to be on the front lines of the latest web design trends, not all cutting edge web page ideas are ideal for every website. It’s important to understand the difference between popular, useful and web design trends that suck! […]