Utilizing Growth Hacking within SEO

Growth Hacking For SEO

Utilizing Growth Hacking within SEO Campaigns

Growth Hacking For SEO

Take advantage of “Growth Hacking” to kick your business into high gear

Based in the suburbs of Sacramento (El Dorado Hills/ Folsom) area, Front Street Media has ran many strategy campaigns for many local companies. That is what Growth Hacking is all about, one word… Strategy. If you are looking for a true growth hacker in Sacramento, look no further. Our team of growth hackers and growth hacking experts are located in the Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Roseville and Rocklin area and can assist in giving you all the tools you need to explode growth into your business.

If we had to put the term growth hacking into multiple words and phrases, it would look like this:

  • Strategy
  • Constant Perseverance
  • Patience
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Thinking Big Picture
  • Embracing your Brand
  • Working Long Hours
  • Lots of Coffee and Red Bull

The term “growth hacking” is a little misleading, since it seems to suggest that there’s a single strategy or “hack” that will cause your business to boom. What growth hacking actually is, is a change in mindset that will help you see your opportunities for growth. The actions you take will be as unique as the business you are building, but when you use growth hacking those actions will be coming from a winner’s framework that catapults you from opportunity to opportunity, instead of making you slog away with strategies that don’t work.

The Term Growth Hacking – What is a Growth Hacker?

What Is Growth Hacking

Neil Patel: The phrase “growth hacker” was coined by Sean Ellis in 2010. When I asked Sean why he felt the need to coin a new phrase he said that it stemmed from his frustration when hiring replacements for himself. Read More Here

Growth Hacking or a “growth hacker” is a type of person or marketer that is hyper focused on growth

Growth Hacking Process (Chart) for SEO


  • Acquisition – Getting visitors to your website
  • Activation – Actively selling your product
  • Retention – Getting repeat visitors
  • Revenue – Establishing Revenue GROWTH
  • Referral – Constantly bringing in referrals and encouraging referrals

Observe Your Customers and Demographic

Many entrepreneurs create a product or service that they think customers are going to want, and they focus on convincing customers that they need it. This is hit or miss, as the entrepreneurs might be correct or they might be dead wrong. And entrepreneurship is no place for taking wild guesses.

Observe your customers. See where they are going, what they are buying, and how they are using things in their lives. Measure how your product creates change, and even how customers come to discover your product. This is solid info that you can use to guide future growth.

Truly understanding your demographic will give you a clear idea of your STRATEGY. Your marketing strategy is the most important aspect of search engine marketing, social media marking, search engine optimization or any other form of marketing. If you have no strategy, you might as well stop doing marketing.

Research Your Failures and Find your Success

When customers sign up for your service but then don’t engage it, it’s because there’s some sort of a disconnect in  the customer experience. They were convinced that your product or service was going to be something useful and interesting for them, but then when they started to use it they did not experience that usefulness. Growth Hacking involves constant Conversion Rate Optimization in your website and conversion optimization on all forms of marketing mediums.

Again, this is where you observe before you act. Look at what they are doing and where they stop interacting. Look at the patterns that successful users follow. Funnel all new users into those patterns and see if long-term engagement increases.

Ignore the surface level numbers and look at core patterns

You can get a rapid spike in viewers or interactions by paying for a Facebook ad. You can spam people in your local area with social media ads or targeted Google ads. Do this and you’ll see an encouraging rapid increase in engagement almost instantly. This is just the sort of “hack” that people who want to make money from you will try to convince you to do.

But that’s not the same thing as growth.

If your core engagement is low (that is, the rate of users coming back over and over again to use your service or buy more of your product) then these artificial spikes in visibility won’t actually drive growth. So look at how your customers are using your product or service, and use that data to tweak the customer experience until your core engagement numbers are solid.

Then, and only then, you should start increasing your advertisements – and that’s when your growth will explode, because you’ll be catching and keeping customers.

Examples of Growth Hacking within your SEO

WORK EXTREMELY HARD, efficient and fast! Growth hacking is about growing your business, your brand identity and your companies brand exposure, FAST.

  • Have a Goal for Backlinks?

Don’t just say, “I want to go get a lot of backlinks”.

Instead, make a goal and a plan of action to achieve that goal. Instead of going after backlinks, make a clear path of where you want to get backlinks from. Make a list of 200-300 websites that you want to get backlinks from. Spend a day or a week doing this. Then, the following week, go after those backlinks using a variety of email pitches and scripts. Find what works for you and repeat these steps over and over again until you have so many links, you can count them any more.

  • Have a goal for Guest Posts?

Again, don’t just tell yourself “you need guest posts for brand exposure”

Create a clear goal in how many guest posts you are looking to attain and what you want from those guest posts. Why do you want guest posts? Is it links, sales, branding, exposure, what is it? Detailing this will help you figure out the style of content you want to publish to attract and attain your end goal. If you are just writing content on other peoples websites because you heard guest posting is cool, it may work. However, if you have a clear strategy as to WHY you want to write this many guest posts, you will end up with a goal and actually funnel over the targeted traffic you want.

Make a list of the top 200-300 blogs that fit your niche and REACH OUT. Event if you only get 30 responses and end up with 15 actual high quality guest posts, that’s 15 more than you had when you started. The goal in Growth Hacking is to KEEP KNOCKING ON DOORS.

Keep Going – Extremely Hard!

Growth hacking is a process you will continue to do for the full extent of your business’s life. For every innovation you make in your business, you will have to observe how your customers are engaging with it and modify your design to optimize the customer experience.

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