Brand Identity

If you have a company in Sacramento, Folsom or the El Dorado Hills area, you need a logo. Logos are the way that you create a visual brand identity. Customers recognize you by your logo. When your logo is easily recognizable, they will recognize your brand even without having to see your company name. At Front Street Media, we offer full Brand Identity Packages and the greater Sacramento area. If you are located in the heartbeat or outskirts of Sacramento, give us a call, stop by the office and find about what we are about

Example Design Presentations

Whatever aspect of your brand you are looking to design, we can help. Whether it is a full brand identity, logo redesign, app icon, custom illustration or something else, Front Street Media has the experience in design you are looking for. We have completed hundreds of logos and brand identity projects over the years. If you would like to see some of our work, click the example logo design presentation links above or take a look at our design portfolio here.

A Strong Logo Design (Branding) Helps you Stand Out

When you have a great logo design and branding, you easily stand out from the competition. A fantastic logo makes you look professional and trustworthy. It gives the impression that you are an established, reliable business even if you just launched your startup last week.

But you won’t get these great results from just any old logo. You have to have a design that reflects who you are and what your company is, and why your customers should choose you instead of anyone else.

Your logo should be original.

City on a Hill Logo Design/ Branding

This means more than just the fact that your logo shouldn’t already be in use. Your logo should look unique, not like all the other logos of all the other companies in the same industry. The fact is, you are different from all the other companies in the industry. Why do people come to you instead of anyone else? Your logo needs to be just as unique as your business.

Your logo should be simple.

Original doesn’t mean cluttered. To be memorable, your logo needs to be simple. Think of the most recognizable logos you know. The Golden Arches? They’re just two curved lives, but you instantly know what company they are for. This is a prime example of what is possible for your brand identity with an awesome logo design.

Your logo needs to be authentic.

This means that your logo needs to accurately reflect your company and your brand identity. If you sell urban homesteading products for down to earth people who have dirt under their fingernails, your logo should not make it look like you sell cosmetics to college kids with trust funds, or vice-versa. Designing a logo that is authentic to your company and brand is something that requires artistry and fantastic design skills, and that is exactly what we offer you at Front Street Media.

Your logo should be versatile.

Ed Rosenthal Soil Brochure Graphic Design - Outside

Your logo is going to be printed small and blown up big. It is going to appear on fancy websites and on black and white pages sent through a fax machine. It needs to look great in all the different ways it is going to be printed or displayed.

Your logo should be polished.

You wouldn’t trust a company that had a logo that looked like it came from clip art in the 1990s, and neither would your customers. A professional logo should be polished and stylish.  Even if your customers know nothing at all about logo design, they will know whether your logo looks good or not, and whether it inspires them to do business with you or not. Remember, your logo is the strongest visual signal you are putting out about what your company is all about, and if your logo looks cheap and low quality your customers are going to expect your products or services to be cheap and low quality as well.

How we create your visual brand identity through logo design

Logo Design (Before and After) AM Pacific

When you hire Front Street Media to take care of your logo design needs, you are trusting us to design, out of nothing, a logo that will tell your customers what they need to know about your company, simply through the image they see next to your brand name. To do this, we have to start off learning a lot about you. Sure, we could design a logo for your company based solely on your name and industry, but how would that reflect who you really are and what makes you unique? Not only do we create a logo design and complete brand package, we also create your brand manual and style guide to give you the consistency in branding that you need. 

Your business brand identity

We start off by asking you how big your business is, how you choose your team, and what you believe sets you apart from the competition.

Your brand vision

To gain a fuller understanding of what your company is all about, we’ll then move in to asking you about your vision for the company. What is your vision statement or your company’s purpose? What do you see your company doing in 5 years? 15?

Your brand’s customers

Knowing how you connect with your customers is essential for logo design. We will ask you what your target demographic is, who your ideal customer is, how your ideal customer finds you, and what things you do to create customer loyalty.

Logo Design and Branding Process

Jungle Dirt Brand Identity

After we have gathered the information we need to successfully create a great logo for you, we will start the design process. We will send you our design drafts for feedback, and when you are thrilled with the design we will provide you with high-resolution files that are compatible with all major image software, including JPG, TIFF, PNG, and any other file types you might need.

  • Step 1: The Design and Branding Brief
  • Step 2: Brand Vision and Mission Research
  • Step 3: Brainstorming and Conceptualization
  • Step 4: Initial Draft Presentation
  • Step 5: Review and Review 
  • Step 6: Client Feedback and Revisions
  • Step 7: Final Branding Delivery

Logo Re-Design Services

If you are a company that has been in business for a while, it may be time to revamp your logo. Styles change, and customer tastes change, very quickly. You don’t want your logo to communicate that you haven’t innovated in your business for the past decade or two! Let Front Street Media take care of your logo redesign and show your customers that you are still the leader in your industry!