Real Estate Aerial (Drone) Photography Sacramento

Aerial (Drone) Real Estate Photography Granite Bay

Real Estate Aerial (Drone) Photography Sacramento CA

Real Estate Drone Photography in Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom and the Surrounding areas

If you are looking for real estate aerial drone photography, you have come to the right place. We are located in El Dorado Hills and travel to many cities in the Greater Sacramento area. If you have a listing you are looking to highlight, Front Street Media will be there.

We don’t just create stunning aerial drone photography, we create amazing videos as well. If you are tired of boring virtual 360 real estate tours, take the next step into a REAL VIDEO, shot with Black Majic/ DSLR video cameras. Let’s face it, a 360-degree view of a room is boring.

Our cinematic-style video production will highlight the true essence of your home. We offer high-quality drone photography to help and enhance your real estate business. You’ll love our low prices almost as much as you’ll love the incredible results that drone video photography can bring to your real estate business.

Why drone photography?

El Dorado County Aerial Photography

There’s just something magical and almost addictive about watching a video of aerial footage. You get to see an area from a vantage point you otherwise wouldn’t get to see. It’s the best way to appreciate the gorgeous views and vistas that a particular piece of property has, or to see it nestled in a picturesque landscape or a neat and elegant neighborhood.

Drones are a fairly new invention, at least as far as civilian drones for professional and entertainment uses go. Not many years ago, the cost of having a drone for photography would have been prohibitive, and not many years before that, unmanned drones weren’t even a particularly viable solution for photography needs.

Prior to the rise of affordable, easily accessible drones, you had to pretty much hire out a helicopter if you wanted aerial footage of a piece of property. Hiring a professional pilot to fly you around, even just for an hour, is incredibly expensive. So of course you woudn’t get aerial footage for anything but the highest dollar properties, because you would need to make sure that the property could recoup the investment of getting the footage on it.

But now we have camera drones, and this has all changed. Now it is possible to own a reasonably high-quality drone that can carry a super high quality camera, for just a couple hundred dollars. It doesn’t take a professional to fly it – though we do have professionals who operate our drones here at Drone Video Photography so that you can enjoy the best quality videography and photography possible. Basically, the cost associated with creating aerial photography went way down, so now it is reasonable and possible to have aerial photography for most of the houses you sell through your real estate business.

What can drone photography do for me?

El Dorado County Aerial Photography

If you are looking to sell a house, drone photography is one of the best ways to get customers interested and convince them that that home is the right one for them. Drone photography gives viewers the feeling that they are actually there at the property. They can see gorgeous aspects of the property, including impressive views and the beautiful scenery all around. And, of course, they can take a virtual tour through the house itself!

How Aerial Drone Photography can help you

Real Estate Aerial (Drone) Photography Sacramento CA

Video drones are a great addition to your real estate sales equipment, but you might be thinking that you don’t want to invest in the equipment or the extra time it will take to learn how to use your drone video equipment. In this case, Drone Video Photography is here to come to your rescue! We will take your footage for you, edit it, and create beautiful videos that will convince your audience to come see the houses you have for sale. We offer top quality drone videos for real estate sales, at affordable low prices. It won’t take you long to see the benefits of offering video photography in your real estate virtual tours, as your potential buyers start calling for more house viewings.

How Aerial Drone Photography will Affect Real Estate Sales

Aerial (Drone) Real Estate Photography Granite Bay

Sales are all about creating an emotional connection between your buyer and the thing they are buying. The bigger the purchase is going to be, the bigger the emotional connection also needs to be. Houses are pretty big purchases. Buyers almost always know that they are in the market for a house, and what size and price range they are looking for. But they have to feel that emotional connection before they will even think about buying. Without the emotional connection, they won’t call for a viewing, they won’t mark the house as a favorite on their search results; they won’t even remember it, because they will just go on to the next one in the list. Stunning photos and breathtaking video tours can make the difference between a listing being memorable and a listing being completely forgettable.

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