El Dorado Hills

Ahhhh, wonderful El Dorado Hills. From being raised in Placerville, CA and growing up in El Dorado Hills, owner of Front Street Media (Brenan Greene) knows the complete in’s and out’s of this small yet flourishing town. El Dorado Hills is home to some of the most wonderful views of Folsom Lake and Downtown Sacramento as well as some amazing recreational attractions. Growing up on the Lake off of Salmon Falls Road in El Dorado Hills, Brenan Greene has seen many changes in this small town. Growing up in a time where there was no Serrano, no Safeway over by Green Valley and no Town Center, there have been many changes over the years. With a low crime rate and amazing academic programs for children, El Dorado Hills is home to one of the fastest growing communities in El Dorado County. We have many growing developments like our Serrano (6000 Homes) and the new Latrobe Road development; Blackstone (2000+ Homes). There are more and more families looking to move to this wonderful area which means more small to medium and corporate business looking to grow in the El Dorado Hills Business Parks. Front Street Media is a local business in the El Dorado Hills Business Parks and specializes in all aspects of Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Design, Graphic Design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We love to be a part of this amazing growing community and would love the opportunity to provide web design and marketing services to your local business in El Dorado Hills. Give Front Street Media a call today if you are interested in any of the marketing services we offer.

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