Website Design Trends for 2016

Web Design Trends 2016 = Photography

Website Design Trends for 2016

If you want to keep your website design ahead of the curve, it’s important to stay on top of the latest web design trends. A modern, on-trend website communicates to your customers that you are relevant, up to date, and reliable in all parts of your business. It lets them know that they can expect the best from you.

One of the biggest web design elements is photography.

How are you using photography on your website? Your photos should be clear, simple, and should communicate to your audience what your business is all about. Are you still using Stock Images for ALL of your clients? Notice we said ALL, sure stock imagery has its place in website design but if you know a client can benefit from custom business photography, you should be incorporating that.

Web Design Trends 2016 = Photography
Web Design Trends 2016 = Photography

Custom Business Photography for Web Design

The most important web design trend for 2016 is custom business photography. The reign of the stock photo is crumbling. Customers don’t want to see that you paid for a stock photo site subscription – they want to see the faces and places behind the company they are buying from. If you can shell out the coins, looking into Aerial Photography is also a huge trend right now in the photography world. Having Aerial Photography on your website will really set you apart from others on the web and in your local market.

Personalization come from beautiful images of clients

A few years ago, the hallmark of professionalism was that customers didn’t see the people behind the business. The more corporate and faceless a business could look, the more it could use professional branding instead of human interest, the more trustworthy it was considered to be.

That is not the case anymore. There has been a huge resurgence of interest in local, small businesses. With that resurgence has come a desire to see the people behind the company. There is a sense now that if you can trust the people who are working hard to make your custom products, then you can trust the company. Customers in 2016 want to know the people they buy from.

What does this mean for web design? It means you need to have pictures of you on your site. Your website should feature pictures of you and your team doing work, making your products, and interacting with customers. Don’t worry about portraits; instead, get pictures that exemplify the human element of your business.

Custom photography for your web site

When you are looking for someone to do custom photography for your website, do not go into a studio. Look for a photographer who will come to you and take pictures of you and your team working, having fun, and chatting with customers. Look for a photographer who will be able to take pictures that highlight the lifestyle image that you want to promote with your company.

Your products are unique, the way you make them is unique, and the people you work with are unique. You can show all of these things with custom photography. Candid shots can capture the personality of your company. Even in your posed shots, aim for a candid feel that brings the viewer into the scene and makes them feel like a part of the group.

The rhetoric of photography

Every photo communicates something. When you are selecting or taking photos for your site, you must ask what each photo is communicating. What image of your business do you want to promote? Are you down home, upscale, quirky, arty, hipster, techy, or nerdy? Do your team members have fun together and enjoy working as a team? Is your work creative, fun, intense, or physically exhausting?

Photos also have the ability to bring the viewer into the scene. A good photographer can make the viewer feel like he or she is there. This is another opportunity to demonstrate the character of your company. What would you want your customers to see, feel, and experience if they came to visit your business? What does an ideal work day look like? If every part of your team members’ day went perfectly and every task was enjoyable and inspiring, what would that look like? What is exciting about your business?

Talk to your photographer about your answers to these questions and ask them to communicate these feelings and thoughts in their images. A skilled photographer will be able to do exactly that. Whether you have an art studio and want to communicate the creative energy in the place, or a tree trimming business and want to communicate the size and beauty of the trees you prune, your photos should show what you love about your business.

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