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Content Marketing (similar to Inbound Marketing) is the creation of stunning content, engaging information and educational topics that lead to more sales. Content Marketing  can be anything from local blog posts and how-to guides to tutorials and resource pages. Content Marketing is anything that offers your readers something engaging, informative or educational. When you are looking to develop a stunning Content Marketing Campaign, you want to create a solid road map to where you want to go. You do not want to start a Content Marketing Campaign with no direction and then look back and say… “what did we do wrong”.

Think about It: Starting with a clear goal and clear topics is key. Come up with a 1, 3 and 5 year plan for your Content Marketing Strategy and where you end up will be in lead generation heaven. Developing highly engaging articles, blog posts and resource pages for your industry, prospects and current clients might take a while. In the end, if you have developed your strategy well, you will be on top of a mountain of SERPS (Search Engine Result Placement).

6 Steps of Content Marketing

The 6 Steps of Content Marketing (Inbound Marketing) The 6 Steps of Content Marketing (Inbound Marketing) and why you need to understand them! Content marketing (Inbound Marketing) is a great way to drive traffic to your site, make yourself relevant, useful, and improve your search [...]

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