Joomla Website Design

Joomla is a great platform for people who want a happy medium between WordPress and Drupal but the Ecommerce portion of Joomla is just as good as Magento.  It is more powerful than WordPress in a since of e-commerce but easier to use than Drupal.  In addition, Joomla simplifies the hosting process and has a robust support system (though not quite as extensive as WordPress’s).

Joomla or Magento for Ecommerce?

Joomla is especially good for Ecommerce sites and social networking sites.  These are the two types of websites that we most frequently recommend for Joomla, here at Front Street Media in El Dorado Hills. Social networking components are extremely useful for many kinds of websites, as they allow users to interact with each other and share information. Ecommerce websites, of course, sell products and services, so dicing between Joomla and Magento for Ecommerce might be a tricky decision.

Both Joomla and Magento offer robust security systems both to protect your customers’ privacy and to prove to your customers that you are protecting their privacy and taking their security seriously. Deciding between Joomla and Magento for Ecommerce, IMO (In My Opinion) would come down to the SEO features in Magento. Magento offers a wide variety of very powerful Ecommerce SEO features that Joomla does not. With this being said, Joomla offers more social media functionality within the platform.

The tough decision really depends on the client and the client needs. It will also depend on the industry, some industries may benefit more from the Magento tools, while some industries may benefit more from the Magento tools.

Visit the tools on both websites to determine for yourself:

  • Magento Tools and Features: Magento
  • Joomla Tools and Features: Joomla

Benefits of Joomla for Web Design

  • Native support for Ecommerce sites: Joomla is deliberately set up to be a fantastic Ecommerce platform while platforms like WordPress and Drupal need secondary installs and many plugins. The site itself has native support for ecommerce implementations and provides help for website owners.
  • Technically accessible for the non-technological: Joomla is fairly easy to use for people who don’t already have programming expertise. There may be some things that you need expert help on, but for the most part, you will be able to manage your site with no problem. If you like the ease of use of WordPress but want more power, Joomla has the perfect middle ground. With this being said, it will help to know at least some basic knowledge of PHP, (OOP) techniques, MySQL, and MS SQL.
  • Help portal: The Joomla help portal has answers to many of the questions that users have about how to use the site. Unlike Drupal, where you often will need expert help to answer questions you can’t figure out for yourself, Joomla provides a lot of that assistance itself.  However, Joomla’s help portal is not quite as extensive as the help community at WordPress.
  • Free software: Joomla is free to use on your own web server.

Drawbacks of Joomla

  • Not quite as powerful as Drupal: Joomla does not have quite the size or power that Drupal does.  The resources that Joomla offers are still thoroughly sufficient for most web sites, though.
  • Not quite as easy to use as WordPress: WordPress takes the crown for user-friendliness, there is no doubt about that.  But Joomla is still fairly easy to use, and it makes up for being slightly more complicated by being much more powerful.

You have probably seen plenty of websites that use Joomla CMS.  Harvard University’s website and the popular political site “The Hill” both use Joomla.  This shows Joomla’s robustness and ability to handle large sites with a lot of information and a lot of traffic depending on the size of your server. If you are looking at Joomla for your web design project, you are probably going to have a big site that will require a dedicated server (at least 2GB).

Front Street Media and Joomla for your Website Design

At Front Street Media, we have years of experience working with all types of CMSs, including Joomla. We design your site, program it for the exact functions you want/ need, and help you manage it.

We offer many services within our Joomla Web Design

SEO with Joomla

When customers search for a product or service you offer, you want your site to come up right on the top.  This happens through SEO.  At Front Street Media, we take a multi-tiered approach to Joomla SEO, incorporating frequent and pertinent content posting, search-optimized images, and back-end coding to help search engines find what your site is all about.  Search engine hits result in traffic, which translates into more sales for you!

Design with Joomla

Customers judge your business by your website.  If your site looks sleek and beautiful and is easy to use and navigate, your customers will have a higher level of trust and confidence in you.  They will be more likely to do business with you, believing you to be a competent and professional business. On the other hand, if your website looks cheesy, it does not matter how superior your product or service is; customers will be reluctant to buy from you because they will subconsciously believe that the service they will get from you will be of the same quality as your website.  Aesthetics might seem less important than functionality on the business end, but on the customer end, the point of sale is all about aesthetics. With Front Street Media, our web design team has experience with premium graphic design software and can build you the Joomla website of your dreams.

Custom add-ons

Every business is not created equal, so why should every website be the same?  At Front Street Media, we start with a standard set of website themes and design options that can easily be modified to fit your company.  Then we begin adding custom features and add-ons for specific functionalities you want for your website.  We have the knowledge and the expertise to give you the custom website you want.

Back-end access and Content Management

We might be building it, but it’s still your website.  We give you back-end access to your site so that you can add content, remove content, change things around, and edit it however you like.  Of course, we’re always there to help out in case you change something you didn’t mean to and don’t know how to fix it.


With Front Street Media, you can choose to host your Joomla website on a dedicated server, or you can have us host it on a shared server.  Because Joomla is a CMS that does not provide its own hosting, you will have to choose a hosting service either with us or with a third-party host which we will set up for you. If this is way over your head, don’t worry… that’s what we are here for.

Why Choose Joomla?

Joomla is a great CMS for users who want more power than WordPress but more simplicity than Drupal. It may take a bit of technical skill to set the website up and to make certain changes, but that is what Front Street Media is here for.  If you want to put an E-commerce component on your website or integrate any type of social media capabilities, you really can’t go wrong with Joomla.  Give Front Street Media a call today or fill out our contact form and see how we can get your Joomla website up and running!