SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Security

Let’s face it, installing an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on your website is no easy task. Thankfully, Front Street Media has an expert team of server admins that specialize in installing SSL Certificates. You will notice an SSL is on a website when you see a green padlock next to your URL and the website starts with HTTPS and not HTTP (Example:

We install all types of SSL certificates; including, standard SSL certificates, OV (Organization Validation) SSLs, EV (Extended Validation) SSLs, and Wildcard SSLs. Depending on your business, you will more than likely have a use for a standard SSL. Whatever your needs may be, we can handle the installation and validation requirements.

Our team will take the hassle out of installing an SSL on your server and your website for you. Our server administrators have installed hundreds of SSL Certificates on eCommerce website design projects as well as basic 10-20 page websites for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes. With the growing amount of spam on the internet, it is becoming more and more important to have a secure website for many reasons.

SSL For E-Commerce

Installing SSL Certificates on E-commerce websites is a must-have in today’s world of online commerce and if you do not have an SSL on your server and installed/ connected to your website, you will not be able to accept online payments through your domain name. You do not need an SSL Certificate to accept online payments, you can always use services like PayPal, Pay with Amazon, Stripe, and many others.

The problem with these services is that your customers or potential prospects will have to exit your website in order to pay for your products or services. This may not seem like a problem now; however, when you start to run a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategy on your website, you want to limit all chances possible for shopping cart abandonment and this is the first place you start. Ensuring you have an SSL Certificate on your website is just one of the many factors in ruling out cart abandonment factors for CRO.

Installing an SSL Certificate on your website will also boost trust in your customers and potential prospects which will lead to more sales and company profit, which we all want.. right? If you run or manage an eCommerce website and currently do not have an SSL installed on your server or website, you want to get one ASAP. You can call your registrar or hosting company and they should inform you on how to go about installing an SSL. If in the case, you have no server admin or registrar support, contact Front Street Media in El Dorado Hills and we will install the SSL for your e-commerce website.

SSL Certificate for SEO

Recently, Google announced that they do put weight on websites with an SSL Certificate. What this means is that if you do have an SSL Certificate installed on your website, you will rank higher. This has been proven by many tests other SEO companies have run. HTTPS as a rankings boost has driven many local SEO companies to recommend installing an SSL for higher rankings and there have been many positive results proving this.

SSL Certificates are one of the most complicated processes in SEO and it is important to have one. Not to say that if you install an SSL Certificate that you will rank #1 they next day. Instead, installing an SSL Certificate should just be another “factor” in your ranking and SEO process. In the internet marketing world, we always want one more factor that will drive our websites higher in SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) and having an SSL is just one more of those ever-wanted factors.

The bottom line.. Install an SSL on your server and Website Design and you will have a leg up on your competition. Anything a company can do to get a little boost in the search engines is a good thing and having an SSL will do that for your website.

The SSL Certificate Installation Process

The installation process for installing SSL Certificates is very involved and requires a bit of server admin knowledge. Below are the general steps in creating and installing an SSL. These are by no means exact instruction, just an overview of SSL Certificates.

  • Purchase your SSL
  • Login to your cPanel control panel
  • Generate your CSR, Private Key, and Certificate
  • Find and click on SSL/TLS Manager
  • Click on Generate, view, upload or delete SSL certificates
  • Browse and Upload your SSL
  • Setup an SSL certificate
  • Select the domain you are using and install
  • Select your Ca Bundle
  • Click Install Certificate

These are just general bullet points for installing an SSL; however, it will give you a good idea of the general process. Installing your SSL will involve accessing your hosting account and require a basic overview of server administration. If you are unsure if you can install your SSL yourself, please do not try, you may change unneeded settings in your server and everything will break, your website will go down and you may lose all your site files.

The Future of Secure Socket Layers and Website Security

The future of e-commerce websites and Websites that have SEO campaigns will depend on Secure Socket Layers. With a recent Google announcement about the importance of website security going down, just about every website on the internet should have a Secure Socket Layer. If you have a standard website, or e-commerce website, need a website or plan to start a website one day, start thinking about installing a Secure Socket Layer now.

If you have any questions about Secure Socket Layers or installing a Secure Socket Layer, please contact Front Street Media and we will walk you through setting one up or having one installed.