Website Design Styles

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Color Styles in your Website Design

Color is the most important aspect of how your website design feels! The right color on your header, background and font styles can add depth, it determines your mood when entering and navigating a website. Harmony is achieved in your design when the colors of your logo, background and header are in proportion and in the right saturation. Call Front Street Media’s graphic design El Dorado Hills for a color consultation of your website today!!

Relationship of Colors and Patterns

Did you ever click into a companies website and felt dizzy because of the number of conflicting patterns or colors? Did you ever see a website that was so boring that you didn’t really notice anything? Did you ever enter someone’s website that was so cluttered and unorganized that you didn’t know where you were supposed to click? All of these problems regard the relationship of colors and patterns. We can help you make your best impression, as well as give a warm and welcoming feel in your website. At Front Street Media – Web Design in El Dorado Hills you can trust that our relationship with colors would be considered best friends. We love colors and the relationship between colors and your brand.

Features and Functionality in your Website Design

The use of certain Features and Functionality in your Website Design is not only for the use of capturing or informing prospects, it also helps to state the style and feel of your website. The proper use of Features and Functionality in your Website Design draws the eye to certain areas that you want to highlight. We have years of experience at portraying your website in it’s best “light”, and have developed several techniques for budget friendly Features and Functionality that are unique to each individual website design. Call Front Street Media – Web Design El Dorado Hills today to understand what the options are for unique features in your website.

Different Website Design Styles from Front Street Media

Here at Front Street, our graphic design and web design teams are committed to color perfection and you will notice it in every one of our website examples. If you would like to see some of our work, please contact us at anytime and we would love to show you some of the amazing projects that we have completed in El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Granite Bay, Cameron Park and beyond.