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We worked closely with the SD Truck Shop team to build a WordPress website that was not only user-friendly but also visible through highly targeted SEO-optimized keywords for the San Diego market. Our team from Sacramento made the trip down to San Diego to fully understand their business. When meeting on-site with a client it allows for much more detailed on-page copy. Our team was also responsible for shooting every product/service page photo. From the design and development to the on-page SEO copy and Photography, Front Street Media handled it all.

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To build a stunning website, you need stunning photos. We flew out to San Diego and met with the SD Truck Shop team. We spent 4 days on location to capture every service they offer for every page of the website. Each page of the website showcases the exact service that SD Truck Shop offers. Once the project was complete, we delivered over 200 photos for SD Truck Shop to use for future marketing and social media.

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