Website Design

Mexquite hired Front Street Media to design a very custom WordPress website. It was very important for Mexquite to set their brand apart from the competition. This is not another hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. This is a very high-end Mexican Cuisine restaurant. During our initial meetings, we had a ton of creative ideas for photography along with design elements that really helped take this website to the next level. From the textured backgrounds to the custom graphic titles, we designed everything in-house.

Getting Creative with Food


In-House Restuarant


In order to build a stunning website, you need stunning photos. We setup 3 different photo sets for Mexquite in order to produce over 150+ high resolution files for them to use on the website and future marketing material. We shot over 20+ lunch items, 10+ dinner items and 50+ drink items. We had a blast on this photo shoot. And yes, we ate like kings that week.

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