User Experience in Web Design

User Experience in Web Design

User Experience Web Design

What makes a great user experience in your web design?

When you are designing a website, the most important thing to take note of is the user experience that you are providing. You aren’t just building a site that Google’s algorithm will like – you’re building a site that real people will click on, read, and hopefully follow or buy something from. If you are going to be competitive, if you are going to stand out among all the other websites that your readers could be reading right now instead of yours, you have to make sure your readers have a fantastic user experience.

What constitutes a great user experience in web design? There are several factors that combine to make your website one that your audience will come back to over and over again. This is true whether your website is about sharing the latest news or peddling your life-changing product. No matter what the purpose of your website is, your audience is looking for specific things.

Your Web Design must be useful

Your web design fulfill a need that your readers have.

Now, your audience might not yet know that they need what you provide. They may believe that the news sources they read are perfectly sufficient to keep them informed about the world. They may think that they have all the gadgets they need in their home. This is when you create the need. Nobody knew they needed a washing machine before one was invented, either. People had always washed clothes by hand, and there was no reason to ask for anything more. But once people saw how much time and labor a washing machine saved, there was no doubt that this was something that every household needed. And now, modern life is almost unthinkable without a washer and a dryer.

So if your target audience doesn’t yet know that they need what you have, don’t worry. Show them how useful your product or service is, and they will quickly realize just how much they do need it. Relatedly, your web design must be original, and the product or service it provides must be original. If customers can go elsewhere to find the exact same thing for cheaper, they will. If you are offering a duplicate of someone else’s idea, you need to show how yours is much better and theirs pales in comparison. Set yourself up as the standard of what you offer.

This first point, usefulness, is about the product or service you offer. Whether you sell products or offer entertainment, you have something unique and useful to give to the world. That is the center of your website. Here at Front Street Media Web Design in El Dorado Hills, we help clients find the angle of maximum usefulness for their service or product to bring in customers and convince them that you are what they need.

Your Web Design must be usable

Not only do you need to offer something amazing, but you have to have your website designed in such a way that users can easily find what they are looking for which is where Responsive Web Design comes in. It needs to be intuitive. Users should be able to easily see everywhere they can go on your site and everything you have to offer. Ideally, you want to have three ways to get to any given page. This way, you can be sure of users finding the important pages that they need to see. More importantly, they can make their way back to those pages later. This takes your website from a one-time interesting find to a consistently useful resource.

Your Web Design must be desirable

Your website’s logos, graphic design, content, and layout all come together to create a unified image in your customers’ minds. This image is who your customers think your company is.

Obviously, you need that image to be attractive and desirable. You want your customers to associate your company with good feelings. You also want to make sure your image reflects your business and industry accurately. For example, if you sell construction equipment you don’t want your image to project “caring,” and if you offer counseling you don’t want your image to project “tough.” These two attributes and businesses should be switched.

Your customers come to your website with a pre-existing idea of what a business of your sort should be. Construction equipment should be tough and hard-working, and a counselor should be caring and compassionate. Your website must show your customers that you will meet all the expectations they have for your business, even the expectations they do not realize they have. At Front Street Media of El Dorado Hills, one of our greatest tasks is ensuring that your website design is desirable to customers. We show your customers that your business will not only meet but also exceed all their expectations.

Your Web Design must be accessible

This doesn’t just mean that your website must be easy to navigate – though it must be that too! People will come to your website with different abilities and disabilities. Your website needs to be designed to take customers with disabilities into consideration. Some ideas for accessibility options for your website include reproducing content in both text and audio formats so that people with hearing or vision impairments can access it, making the site scale up easily for people who enlarge the text on their browsers, and avoiding flashing or strobe effects.

Here at Front Street Media of El Dorado Hills, we have a large arsenal of accessibility tools to use on your website. You never need to worry about customers with disabilities having a hard time accessing your website!

Your Web Design must be findable

Within your website, it needs to be easy to find the information your customers are looking for. Outside of your website, your customers need to be able to search for your website or an article within your website and have it appear in their search engine results. This is the essence of pertinent, useful content – that users can find it again and make reference to it when they need it.

Your Web Design must be credible

Modern audiences are savvy. They do not accept what they read as fact. They Google the claims that companies make to find out whether or not they can trust them. You need your customers to trust you. If you tell them that something is true, you need them to know that it is true. How can you do this? One way is simply by citing your sources. In blog posts, you can do this by hyperlinks to the original source from which you got your information. You also build credibility by fact-checking everything you write. If your customers learn that they can trust you to give them factual information, they will also trust you to give them high quality products or services.

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