Documentary Style Video Production

There’s no doubt about it: videos are the future of search engine marketing. People only read so much content; generally, they skim over it, look at the headings, and just retain what they were able to glean from this quick perusal. Content will always have its place in marketing and the growing trends of inbound marketing will prove this, but if you really want to grab your audience’s attention, you need to have videos. Located in El Dorado Hills, Front Street Media specializes in all aspects of video production for the greater Sacramento, CA area. If you are looking for a custom documentary-style video, Front Street Media can help.

From small business interview video production to aerial (Drone) videography, we do it all. We have a specialized crew that has years of experience in drone photography and customized business videography. Having professional photography in your website is important and often times is overlooked due to high prices. With Front Street Media, professional photography is FREE with a website or SEO campaign.

What are Documentary-Style videos?

Documentary style videos are high quality, professional videos that explain something important about your business. They may demonstrate and explain your product, let your audience see it in action, and convince them that they have to have it. Or they may educate viewers about an important issue that your company helps to support.

Why do viewers love these videos?

Videos are easy to watch and understand. They allow your audience to gain knowledge passively, without having to work hard to comprehend what you are saying. It is often a lot easier for people to understand something they learn in a video than the exact same words written in text.

Many times, your viewers will be people who are already at least somewhat interested in your product or service, or they would not have clicked to your website. A professional documentary video lets them see what you are all about without having to spend time straining their eyes to read your website.

Most importantly, documentary style videos appeal to viewers with auditory and visual learning styles. Different people like to get their information in different ways. Some people like to read and won’t ever click over to a video. For those people, you should make sure to have plenty of good quality text explaining the same things your video does. But other people learn best when they watch something than if they just read about it. This is the audience you want to gain with your videos.

Videos are also disability friendly. People with vision problems may have a very hard time reading the content on your website. If they can watch a video, the audio and the clear images on the video can help them understand what your website is all about, better than they could have with text alone.


We think of sales and marketing as being just about showing people your product and convincing them that they want it. But there is also an important educational side to it too. People like to buy products that they believe in. All people can be swayed by their emotions, but most people also need a little bit of an intellectual tug to open their wallets. If you can teach them something they did not know, and tie the relevance of your product to that, your viewers will become excited about your product and be far more likely to buy it.

Can I make my own?

Here’s the deal: homemade videos are a dime a dozen. Every human with a cell phone can make a passable homemade video about his or her product.

This can be a really good thing. If you want to make an unboxing-style video of every product you sell, you may see your sales increase tremendously simply because your viewers can see exactly what the product will be like before they buy it.

But that is not the kind of video we are talking about here.

The documentary-style videos that you need for your website are professional quality videos, shot with professional cameras and edited with professional software, by experts who know what they are doing.

Why do I need a professional?

The video you use conveys to your customers what they can expect from your company. If your video looks amateurish, your customers will get the impression that you are not willing to invest in your company enough to promote yourself well. You do not want your customers thinking that you, as a company owner, are lazy about your company or unwilling to invest in it.

A clumsy or unprofessional video will make your viewers wonder where else you are cutting corners and delivering a subpar product.

On the other hand, if your video looks beautiful and professional, your customers will anticipate that your product will be equally high quality and elegant.

This might be completely subconscious. If you are not a company that produces videos, how would your quality of video in any way reflect the quality of your product? But this is the way that customers see your company and your product. If your video is beautiful, they will think far more positively of your product than if your video is clumsy.

What should I put in my video?

There are many different strategies you can use to create a great video for your website.

You might choose a demonstration style of video, where you show your product in action. This is a great way to show the different features that your product has, and to make sure that your customers know exactly what you are offering.

Many innovators and entrepreneurs choose a video showing the making of the product. This is especially useful for physical products that have craftsmanship or hand work that goes into them. This is a great opportunity to show the work that goes into the product and therefore the quality of your product.

Another highly popular option for documentary style videos is an animated video. Sped up videos of an artist drawing cartoons demonstrating a concept are very popular. They are eye catching and draw the viewer into the narrative of the video. They also explain the concept behind your company very well, since it is often a lot easier to explain an idea with diagrams and illustrations than with words alone.

How do I get a professional video?

It’s very easy. Just hire a professional video company to make your video for you! It should not cost an arm and a leg to get a professional video. Just make sure you work with someone who has produced other videos that you like, so that you know they are capable of providing the video you want for your website.

Here at Front Street Media, we can help you with your documentary-style video needs for your website. Give us a call today and find out for yourself how Front Street Media can help get you the website you need to make your business thrive!

We have helped many companies from the greater Sacramento area including Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom, El Dorado Hills and beyond create stunning videos for brand identity and marketing purposes. If you are located in Sacramento or the foothills of Sacramento, reach out to Front Street Media and let our team help you establish your brand through a custom documentary-style video.