Letterpress Stationery Graphic Design Sacramento

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Letterpress Graphic Design and Printing in Sacramento, CA

Letterpress stationery design for local business in Sacramento has come back in style. After decades of popular preference for the exactitude of digital printers, letterpress is extremely popular among new companies and established companies in Sacramento as well. As our cultural aesthetics move toward the bespoke, the artisanal, and the handmade, these qualities are becoming more and more valued in printing as well.

At Front Street Media, we are excited to bring the traditional art of the letterpress to the Sacramento area, combined with some modern innovations that serve the needs of the most exacting of contemporary customers.

As a local leader in Sacramento branding and brand identity packages, Front Street Media strives to provide a top level of service for printing options and new styles of print design.

Letterpress Graphic Design & Printing Services in Sacramento 

  • Business Card Letterpress Design
  • Letter Head letterpress design
  • Flyer letterpress design
  • Letterpress Event Invitations
  • letterpressed Envelopes
  • letterpressed Labels

What is letterpress Printing?

Wait, what is letterpress? Think of the original printing press. You would place a bunch of little metal letters on a huge tray, roll ink over it, and then press a piece of paper onto it. When you took the paper off, the mark of the letters would be left on the paper, neatly stamped in ink.

At its most basic, this is what letterpress is: the same printing press that Gutenberg used to publish the first Bible back in the 15th Century.

Letterpress gives a different sensory experience than laser jet or ink jet printing. The ink is slightly raised from the surface of the paper. The paper itself tends to be weightier and more substantial than regular printer paper. Each printed page is slightly unique – the ink may be heavier in one area than another, or one of the letters may have a unique smudged spot. This gives letterpress printing a very individual, artisanal feeling.

The limitations

Letterpress printing requires individual attention for each piece of paper. You cannot set a press to print a whole stack of papers and just forget about it. You have to actually handle each page, ink the pattern to be pressed, press the paper down, remove the paper, and repeat the process. Every page would look slightly different from the one before, even if the image to be pressed was exactly the same.

This process takes quite a bit of time, but it is well worth it for the fine quality that it produces. The biggest draw back to traditional letterpress is simply the limitations of font and design. With traditional letterpress, if you did not have a specific font or a specific shape to use for an image, you simply could not use it. You had to work with what you had.

Modern letterpress printing: an old art with new technology

Modern technology has made it possible to create beautiful, high-quality letterpress prints with any image whatsoever. Using a method similar to 3D printing, we create photopolymer plates from digital vector images. This means that we can do letterpress printing for anything: your logo, your specialized font, your stationery design, etc.

Business Card Letterpress

For business cards that have retro charm and a great feel in the hand (always important when you are putting cards in potential clients’ hands), choose letterpress business cards from Front Street Media. We include business card designs in many of our logo design packages. And with the super high quality of our letterpress products, there’s no reason not to take advantage of our bespoke printing services as well!

Letter Head Letterpress

When you need a missive to have especial weight, you can’t go wrong with letterpress printing for your letterhead designs. Whether you are printing out memos or handwriting a personal note, letterpress letterhead will make people sit up and take notice!

Flyer/ Postcard Letterpress Design

Letterpress is great for flyers. It is eye catching, and it is far more noticeable than flyers that are printed out on ink jet printers. Letterpressed postcards and event invitations are a great way for your local business in Sacramento to stand out from the crowd. If you are looking to design, develop and print letterpress stationery material, reach out to Front Street Media serving the Sacramento area. Located in El Dorado Hills, you are more than welcome to come by the office to discuss your flyer and postcard needs when it comes to custom letterpress design.

Letterpress Envelopes

If you are using letterpress letterhead for your Sacramento or Folsom business, you need letterpress envelopes to go with it. Especially in a world where much of the mail that is sent through the postal service isn’t even opened because people assume it is junk mail, letterpress envelopes tell the recipient that your message is important.