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Social media is one of the main ways that people in our modern technology-driven world stay connected with each other. This is true whether we are talking about friends or customers. In fact, social media connection is an especially important marketing method for businesses because it creates a feeling of intimacy between you and your customers, especially if you are a small business with a human face. Let your customers feel a sense of friendship with you, and they will quickly become loyal. Create a strong brand experience with social media marketing combined with search engine optimization and your customers will remember your name, buy from you to support your mission, and tell their friends about you too.

So what are some of the no-fail ways to connect with customers using social media marketing and conversion rate optimization? First, you have to find where your customers are. Then you have to find what motivates them to connect. Last, you need an awesome social media PR representative who will keep the social media updates coming, keep your name on top of your customers’ feeds, and avoid social media pitfalls.

Social media marketing on Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media site out there. If you are going to have social media presence in only one place, make Facebook that place. You can post updates, news about sales and promotions, and even inspirational memes that fit in with your brand image. In turn, your customers can interact with you and get their questions and concerns answered. Facebook Marketing is one of the most rewarding and effective ways to start with social media marketing. If you need a Facebook expert for your business in El Dorado Hills, CA, we can help you with that at Front Street Media!

Build your list of social marketing on Twitter

Twitter is another great site for social media marketing. You can interact with fans and followers, keep them updated about your sales and promotions, and build customer loyalty. It’s amazing how much you can get done in 140 characters or less. At Front Street Media, we can help you manage your Twitter strategy and succeed in your social media marketing.

Link up with your customers on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the most professional of all the social networking sites. Frankly, it’s a little bit boring, if you’re just looking for fun interactions. But your LinkedIn profile is crucial to your professional image. It shows your customers why they should trust your business and all the credentials you have. LinkedIn is less about company branding and more about personal branding – as a business owner or manager, you have certain skills and qualifications that make you uniquely able to lead your company or team and provide excellent customer service. LinkedIn is where your customers see this. A successful business is led by successful people, and at Front Street Media we can help you put that ideal face forward on your LinkedIn profile.

Dazzle them on Instagram

If people look for your professional image on LinkedIn, Instagram is where they look to see pictures of the fun and exciting things you have going on in your company. Instagram is where you show off your company’s image – literally. What is the lifestyle of your business? What do you as a person love in life? How does your business make your life better? Your Instagram followers want to see how your company brings joy to your life, because as your customers they want your company to bring joy to their lives too. Not sure how to market yourself best on Instagram? Let Front Street Media handle it for you!

Get reblogged on Tumblr

As a combination blogging platform and microblogging/social media site, Tumblr is an ideal way to keep in touch with your customers and fans. From posting photos of the great things you’re doing to sharing stories about what it means to work in your company to reblogging stories that are important to your passions and your company vision, Tumblr is a great all in one platform that can get you great market awareness. At Front Street Media, we will work with you to create a Tumblr strategy that will enhance your marketing and make you a social media sensation.

Pin some gorgeous things on Pinterest

The leading link-sharing/link-saving site in the social media world, Pinterest dominates because of its simple design and fantastic functionality. “Pin” a link and an image from that link is shared with all your followers, along with the ability to visit the original website, comment on the pin, or re-share it to their own boards. All of your blog posts need to be going on Pinterest, which means you need at least one spectacular graphic that will grab readers’ attention and get them to re-pin it. But Pinterest isn’t just for self-promotion. You should also be pinning and sharing pins that are pertinent to your business and which you find interesting. For tips on creating a failproof Pinterest strategy, contact Front Street Media today!

Sell and share on Wanelo

Wanelo is a social ecommerce site that is taking off like wildfire. If you do not have a Wanelo presence yet, you are missing out on many potential sales. Wanelo lets users share interesting links and products, and also make purchases without going to a separate site. So as a business, you can promote your blog post about an awesome new product you have and how it is going to save the world while also making your customers’ lives infinitely better, and your readers can buy the product right then and there. Successful sales are all about removing friction to the sales process, and Wanelo is the fantastically frictionless social media site that you need to be on. Let Front Street Media help you build your Wanelo presence and connect with customers all over the world!

Social media marketing with Front Street Media

Here at Front Street Media, we specialize in the social media marketing you need to make your business succeed. Contact us today to create a social media marketing strategy that is personalized and catered specifically to your business goals and your business model.