Project Description

Wings Trail Mix Custom Web Design

Wing Nuts Trail Mix Website Design

Wings Trail Mix Photography and eCommerce Website Design

Wings Trail Mix & Toppings wanted a website design that would blow the socks off any other trail mix website out there. When Wings Trail Mix & Toppings came to Front Street Media, they had no idea that’s exactly what they were going to get. Wings Trail Mix & Toppings had a simple goal and that was to design a website. Little did they know that Front Street Media is the only web design company in El Dorado Hills to offer free professional photography for each website.

Wings Trail Mix Web Design

Wings Trail Mix Web Design

Website Design Challenge

The main challenge in the Wings Trail Mix & Toppings website design project was to find the perfect location to shoot their actual trail mix product. When Wings and Front Street Media Web Design sat down and spoke about getting the web design to match up with the photography, the main question was what it should look like. The main challenge was finding that perfect location to place the products in an outdoor environment to give the natural, rustic feeling.

Web Design Solution

Front Street Media found the perfect solution to the Wings Trail Mix problem and ended up with a perfect shoot of all Wings Trail Mix products. When Wings Trail Mix saw their new custom web design project, developed in El Dorado Hills, they were absolutely blown away. From the first home page design to the completed layout and internal pages, Wings Trail Mix website design was a total success.

  • Custom Responsive Website
  • Internal Page Layout and Design
  • Graphic Design
  • In-House Photography
  • Product Photography

If you or anyone you know have a similar product that needs custom photography and a beautiful website, Front Street Media web design and photography in El Dorado Hills is the company of choice.