Project Description

Web Soup Brand Identity and Website Design Project

Web Soup Brand Identity Design

The Web Soup Brand Identity, Logo Design and Website Design project was one that we were particularly excited about starting as Web Soup is a website design and graphic design agency that specializes in a wide variety of services similar to ours. Web Soup contracted Front Street Media to design their brand identity, stationary graphic design (Business Cards, Envelopes, Flyers and Brochures), website design and marketing strategy. Now, we may know what you are thinking.. “Really, a website company doing work for another website company”?

We are actually very close friends and while Web Soup was working on a multitude of projects for their clients, they asked if we would assist in their re-branding stage to which we accepted.

The Brand Identity Project

Web Soup Brand Identity (Logo Design)

Creating the brand design for Web Soup was filled with hundreds of concepts for soup spoons in bowls to bowl icons with smooth lines and steam. From our initial meeting to the on-going design comps that were sent over, it took about 3 weeks to get the final brand identity design completed for Web Soup. The final brand design was created from two aspects of two different brand concepts. We initially had the layout of a soup bowl icon and another brand design with steam rising from a soup bowl.

Once we saw these two brand designs back to back, we saw the final logo design before our eyes. The two soup bowl icons were flipped and rotated to create the perfect harmony of icons to create Web Soup’s now branded icon.

This branded Web Soup icon fits beautifully on just about everything and everywhere. From Social Media branding to stationary graphic design branding, the soup bowl icons are an amazing addition to this already well known website design company.

The Website Design Project

Web Soup - Website Design Graphics

Creating Web Soups new website was an amazing project as we had a ton of graphics to play off. From the fresh menu of services that Web Soup offers, we created graphics that correlated to each service with a catchy play on words. The home page of the Web Soup website displays just how creative this agency is a graphic design company and website design company. Their services range from SEO to Graphic Design, Website Design and Brand Identity Solutions for companies big and small.