Project Description

Superian Sources Website & Design Graphic Design

Superian Sources Branding Logo Design

The Superian Sources website was created off of their current brand identity and logo design provided. Once we had the vector files in hand, we were ready to design. The overall goal of this website design project was to create a very user friendly website with simple forms to encourage email leads. Superian Sources is a recruiting and staffing agency in San Francisco, CA so we wanted the website to represent a very tech-forward website with the design and curb appeal to attract candidates.

The Website Design Project

Superian Sources Website Design

The graphic elements in this website design project were very carefully planned and thought out. Between Superian Sources and Front Street Media, there were many emails sent back and fourth before bath parties decided on a final layout, color palette and user interface. With the end result being a beautiful website, both parties felt that the website was exactly what it should have been… perfect!

The Graphic Design Elements

Superian Sources Website Design - The Graphics

The graphic elements including the buttons, forms, background images and background textures were all created in Adobe Photoshop CC, extracted and then implemented into each section of the website. The light and bright green combined with the charcoal grey creates a “pop” like no other. A simply beautiful website, designed and programmed by Front Street Media.