Project Description

Lopez Ag Service Website Design & Photography

Lopez Ag Service Brand Identity - Logo Design

Lopez Ag Service is a very high quality manufacturer and distributor of  soil amendments. Lopez Ag Service specializes in soil and agricultural spreading services as well. As the thoughts and ideas were progressing through this project, we knew aerial photography was a must to bring this project to life. From the aerial photography to the professional business photography, we spent over 4 weeks getting this project just right. Our team of photographers had to travel out the the Lopez Ag Service soil plant in Sacramento on three separate occasions to get all the shots for the website design project. With all this being said, the ground photography and aerial photography for this website design project was a blast.

The Website Design Project

Lopez Ag Service Website Design

The graphic design elements in this website design project were very thoughtfully planned and designed. To match the current vibe the Lopez Ag Service logo displayed, we wanted to give off a rich history of soil combined with a “green” organic feeling. With the custom designed buttons and call to actions, the graphic elements of this website turned out to be quite special. Inside and out of this website, you will find graphics that were thoughtfully put together to represent each specific page. The rich photography combined with each graphic element provides the exact look Lopez Ag Service in Sacramento was going for.

The Photography (Aerial & Ground Photography)

Lopez Ag Service Photography

From the introduction aerial photography to the internal page elements, you will notice that it is really the photography that makes this website shine. Our photographers went out to Lopez Ag Service in Sacramento a couple of times to get the shots for the “Products” page. It was worth every trip as each of these products turned out to be absolutely stunning. As a leading provider of soil amendments in Northern California, Lopez Ag Service now displays their product line and business in a professional manner that simply cannot be beat.

Close up Photography of the Soil

Lopez Ag Service Photography