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Jungle Dirt Brochure Graphic Design El Dorado Hills

Jungle Dirt Brochure - Graphic Design

Custom Tri-Fold Brochure Graphic Design Services in El Dorado Hills

When creating a custom brochure for a business, there are countless hours of design changes, layout changes and edits until the final proof goes to print. The Jungle Dirt team wanted a custom tri-fold brochure with the literature needed to convey the perfect message to potential prospects. When Jungle Dirt asked us to create the tri-fold brochure design, we initially designed three different designs and the graphic design above is the one they chose.

Jungle Dirt wanted to have many different aspects in this design and given the nature of “Busy Designs” we are always a little hesitant when jam-packing designs with too much literature. When creating a tri-fold brochure design, simple is better. With this tri-fold brochure design however, we were able to fit just about every single word into the design that Jungle Dirt requested.

Tri-Fold Brochure Graphic Design (Inside Design)

Jungle Dirt Brochure - Graphic Design

Jungle Dirt Brochure – Graphic Design

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