Project Description

Follow ME! Coach Logo Design & Brand Identity

Logo Design (Sports App Logo Design)

The Follow Me! Coach logo design and brand identity project was a logo project that took creative minds and creative efforts in order to achieve something special. Follow Me! Coach is a unique sports app for coaches and players to easily connect via one core platform; Follow Me! Coach. This brand and business concept is related around hashtags. The idea behind this app is that the players can create their own unique hashtag and have a coach follow that hashtag. Follow Me! Coach was initially started with an idea for

Follow Me! Coach was initially designed with an idea of a circle around a hashtag. After many logo design presentations and much thought moving into the design, we came up with the design above. The hashtag was designed first and we had about 40-50 different variations of the arrow inside of the hashtag. At this point, we began tweaking the arrow and presenting multiple designs of this concept.

IOS Visual Brand Identity Design

Logo Design Presentation Example

Seeing how this brand is an app focused business model, presenting the IOS app design and layout was crucial in adding that spice to the logo design presentation. At Front Street Media, we are constantly focused on providing a high level of customer service in our visual presentations. With Front Street Media, you can count on beautiful Brand Identity Packages and Brand Identity Consulting in the greater Sacramento area.

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