Project Description

City on a Hill – Church Logo Design & Brochure Design

Custom Logo Design and Brochure Design for Center of Praise (City on a Hill 2020)

It was an honor to draft, comp, design, create and explore this amazing campaign. Center of Praise is a Church located in Sacramento that was looking to create a logo design/ brand identity for (City on a Hill 2020) to raise awareness for a stronger Sacramento community.

The Center of Praise (City on a Hill 2020) campaign is an amazing 5-year journey in building a stronger Sacramento and bringing together the Citizens on a Hill. By helping your fellow Man, Women, and Child in all times of need, together, we can become a stronger community. Center of Praise (City on a Hill 2020) is a long commitment to better the Sacramento community as a whole and we hope you will support their mission.

The Center of Praise (City on a Hill 2020) Logo Design

Design Keywords: Mountain + City + Hill + Sacramento + Light + Beacon of Light + 2020

City On A Hill Church Logo Design - The Process

Center of Praise (City on a Hill 2020) was looking for a combination of Sacramento Iconic branding along with many other items to represent a special brand identity/ logo design for their church.

The Sacramento Iconic Branding

We started with many custom illustrations of Sacramento landmarks, such as the Pyramid Tower, the Sacramento Tower Bridge, Old Sacramento, Esquire Tower, and other well-known Sacramento landmarks. After many revisions of these iconic Sacramento illustration designs, we landed on the Pyramid Tower, Tower Bridge, and a collection of Sacramento towers.

The Iconic Mountain Element

We then combined these illustrations with one of 100+ custom mountain designs we drafted up. It was a long process in getting the entire logo to come together but we nailed the mountain right away. When initially having a conversation about the logo design, this is the mountain that I was picturing and this is what Center of Praise (City on a Hill 2020) ending up choosing. I knew getting the mountain just right was key for portraying exactly what the pastor of the church was looking for.

Circling the Logo and Finishing the Design

After we combined the Sacramento landmarks with the hand drawn mountain illustration, we then needed to circle the logo off and move forward with typography. We drafted another round of designs and then the final design was chosen.

Brochure Design for Center of Praise (City on a Hill 2020)

This brochure design was by far one of the coolest pieces of stationery design I have seen come to life. The brochure was intended to be a 6-page design, however, turned out to be a much larger 12-page design. Getting creative with this brochure design was very fun and so detail orientated. We spent over three weeks on the brochure alone. In the end, it was a very special piece of print that everyone was ecstatic about.

Print Credit: TC Printing Sacramento

Brochure Design – Cover

Brochure Graphic Design - Cover Page

Brochure Design – Page 2 & 3

Brochure Graphic Design - Infographic Page

Brochure Design – Page 4 & 5

Brochure Design – Page 6 & 7

Brochure Design – Page 8 & 9

Brochure Graphic Design - Sell Page

Brochure Design – Page 10 & 11

Brochure Graphic Design - Last Page

Brochure Design – Back Cover