Project Description

Barber Jon’s Website Design in El Dorado Hills

Barber Jon’s World Famous Barber Shop in El Dorado Hills, CA was looking for a refresh on their website and they sure got one. Barber Jon originally had a website that was “hard coded” in HTML and CSS and they had no CMS (Content Management System) in the back-end. Having a CMS allows you to go into the back-end of your website and add pages, blog posts and important information about your business. Having a CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla will allow for a much more stream lined update process in your normal day-to-day business lifestyle. When Barber Jon came to Front Street Media, they were currently in the process of moving locations and we were contracted to provide a number of services including the web design project among many other items. Some of the main graphic design that we provided for Barber Jon’s included beautiful 5X7 Flyers – Front and Back UV Gloss along with Business Cards – Front and Back UV Gloss. As for the banner and sign designs, those were designed in Adobe Illustrator and printed on outdoor coated vinyl, printed by SignChef in El Dorado Hills.

Some of the services we provided for Barber Jon’s Barber Shop

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Business Card Graphic Design
  • Flyer Graphic Design
  • Banner and Sign Graphic Design
  • Gift Card Graphic Design
  • Social Media Graphic Design
  • Citation Work for SEO
  • Off Page Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Business Photography

All sign/ banner design work was printed by SignChef in El Dorado Hills and all Business Card and Flyer Print was done by We Think Ink in El Dorado Hills. Here at Front Street Media, we believe in supporting all the local businesses around us and if we can help support other local print and graphic companies, we love doing just that. If you have any questions about this project or you are looking to start something similar, please contact Front Street Media in El Dorado Hills today and we will help in any way we can.

Barber Jon’s – Website Design

Barber Jon El Dorado Hills Website Design

Barber Jon’s Flyer Design



Barber Jon’s Business Card Design