MOZ Launches New Keyword Tool (Stunning Visual Elements)

Moz KWE Keyword Explorer

Today, Moz Announced a new keyword tool (KWE – Keyword Explorer) addition to their already stunning set of tools for internet marketers. The new Keyword Tool from Moz is a visual masterpiece. The new Keyword Tool does more than just keyword research and competitive analysis. KWE is built to take you through the entire process, from start to finish.

Moz did a lot of digging and researching within the mind set of an internet marketer before building this new tool and it shows.

The Process

KWE gives you the ability to discover keyword ideas and gives you the correct metrics to build a perfect list. Within this process, you can filter the keywords in your list and prioritize those lists based on the numbers that matter to you!

Moz KWE Keyword Explorer - The Process

The Metrics

The metrics that KWE gives you are Volume and Difficulty but in a way that is different than all the other keyword tools. KWE gives you the “Opportunity”, “Potential” and “Importance” of that phrase or keyword. Never before have we had something so powerful.

Moz KWE Keyword Explorer - Importance

KWE features metrics essential to the SEO process — two you’re familiar with — Volume and Difficulty — and three that are less familiar: Opportunity, Importance, and Potential. Opportunity estimates the relative CTR of the organic web results on a SERP. Importance is a metric you can modify to indicate a keyword that’s more or less critical to your campaign/project. And Potential is a combination of all the metrics built to help you prioritize a keyword list.

The Volume

The volume KWE shows is supposed to be about 95% accurate from actual Google SERP results. Pretty impressive when diving into a competitive strategy!

Keyword Suggestions

KWE comes with a new set of sources of their keyword suggest. KWE pulls data from all the best locations and software platforms that are out today. From Google Suggest, Related Searches and other keywords found in clickstream data, its all presented in one very easy to see and use data set.

Import and Export

The import and export feature is one that makes a marketer much stronger in their presentation and data analysis. With the KWE, you can import your already built set of keywords or export a new list. In this rich new data giving keyword research tool, it is more than just a tool. Its is a marketers sandbox of toys. The KWE import and export feature can give you tools in your SEO presentation that would have taken hours to build, in minutes.

Thank you Moz team for building an awesome set of tools for SEO and Keyword Research. : )