Logo ReDesign and ReBranding

Logo ReDesign and ReBranding Services in El Dorado Hills

Logo ReDesign and ReBranding

If you are looking for logo redesign and rebranding, you have come to the right place at Front Street Media! We will work with you to create a rebrand or a logo redesign that will reflect your company and your mission. Logo Design/ ReDesign and ReBranding is a very common thing in the world of business today in 2017. Many major companies go through logo rebranding and redesign phases as they grow and change with the needs of their clientele. There is a good article on questions to ask yourself before rebranding, we suggest you check it out.

Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Why are we doing a rebrand?
  2. What problem are we attempting to solve?
  3. Has there been a change in the competitive landscape that is impacting our growth potential?
  4. Has our customer profile changed?
  5. Are we pigeonholed as something that we (and our customers) have outgrown?

Logos and brands are like haircuts. Sometimes you just need a new look. Your logo and your brand design are your company’s personal face that you show the world. Just like clothing styles change, brand styles change as well. Logo Design and Brand Colors may change as well, it is important to keep in mind, that many factors go into changing a brand.

You wouldn’t wear an outfit from the 1970s to a business meeting today, and you shouldn’t let an outdated brand design go to meetings for you either. If it is time to change up your brand and show a new face to your adoring customers, let Front Street Media help you. Here are some of the reasons why you might be looking at getting a new brand design.

Top 7 Reasons for ReBranding

#1 – Merger or Takeover

Reason For ReBranding - Merger or Takeover

A merger is a great time for a brand redesign. When the company passes to new ownership, it changes its identity somewhat. You can communicate to your customers that the essence of the brand isn’t changing by updating your brand while keeping the most recognizable elements, such as the shape of the logo. Or you can show your customers that a new and improved company is here by totally changing the look altogether.

#2 – Growth

Reason For ReBranding - Growth and Expansion

Are you expanding your market or targeting a new audience? Have you added a new product line? These are great reasons to rebrand. Your original brand was intended to reach your specific audience. Your new brand needs to include your new audience as well. Your new audience may think that your brand is irrelevant to them. Rebranding will show them that you care about them too, and that they should be interested in your products.

#3 – Increasing budget

Reason For ReBranding - Budget and Climate

When you first started your business, you might have had a logo designed by an amateur designer, done a logo design contest, or even had it done by a printing company so that you could get shirts printed. Now you are a profitable, established company. Your logo should reflect this. You aren’t a startup in your garage anymore, and your logo shouldn’t look like it. As your company grows, your logo and branding design needs to reflect your growth and increasing levels of professionalism.

#4 – Updating

Reason For ReBranding - Update and Refresh

Brand designs and logos get outdated, just like fashions. If your brand design or logo screams “Dot Com Startup of 1996,” customers are not going to be super thrilled about it in in 2016, twenty years later. If your logo or brand design is starting to feel stale, it might be time for an update. A new brand design or logo redesign can show customers that you keep up to date and move with the times. This is an important point to communicate with your customers and audience.

#5 – Changing your products

Reason For ReBranding - Products and Clientele

If you are changing the focus of the products you sell, it is definitely time for a branding change. Your customers are used to you being a certain kind of company and selling a certain kind of things. Now you sell different things. They need to change their expectations of you, and you need to communicate that.

#6 – Distinguishing yourself from the competition

Reason For ReBranding - Competition

Your branding might look very similar to your competitors’ branding. You might have had that design first, but it doesn’t matter. Similar designs means customers will be confused. If your competitors have branding that is similar to yours, but not so close that you can actually go after them for copyright infringement, it is time to rebrand and set yourself apart again.

#7 – Staying on the cutting edge

Reason For ReBranding - Cutting Edge

Technology moves fast. You have to, too. If part of your brand identity is that your company stays on the cutting edge, then your logo and branding need to be on the cutting edge. Elements such as an animated logo can help to show your customers and clients that you are on the front edge of your industry. Having a logo that follows the most current trends can also help with this, but if you go this route you need to make sure that you update your logo regularly so that it does not become dated. Front Street Media can help you with all your logo redesigning and rebranding needs!

Your logo is the encapsulation of your identity. Your branding design is what people see every day, which they mentally use to define your company. With a good brand design, people can look at one of your publications and tell, just by the fonts used and the design of the publication, that it is one of yours. With a good logo, people can look at the logo and know what to expect from your company – professionalism, effectiveness, innovation, or whatever your guiding principle is. Give Front Street Media a call today and let us help you with all your logo and branding needs!

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