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Logo Design (Branding)

From Text Logo’s to Full Character Designed Logo Design, we do it all!

Representing your business through one single graphic design, brand identity or logo design, will have direct impact on whether or not a prospect will do business with you. The colors you choose for your logo and the layout you choose for logo design must fit perfectly with your industry and brand identity. For example; choosing Reds, Pinks, and Whites in a tractor company logo design may give the wrong impression. Let Front Street Media spice up your logo design in the most amazing collaboration of colors you have ever seen. With years in the industry of creating logo’s and brand identity concepts for local businesses in El Dorado Hills to national companies and fortune 500 companies, Front Street Media has the experience and skill to set your brand apart from the competition.

Logo Design for your Office, Letterhead and Flyers

Graphic Design (Logo/ Brand) Style Guide

Front Street Media will put together a special logo design layout that works around your office, print material and more. Call the professionals at Front Street Media today to schedule an appointment to discuss the options you will need for your businesses brand and brand concept. When designing a logo, you will need to think of things like, is my logo going on letterhead, is my logo going on fliers and is my logo going on my vehicle? These are all questions that need to be thought of before designing a logo so we can design a logo that will fit your companies brand and image for life. At times, we have to design 3-5 different versions of one logo because it has to be scaled at many different dimensions for different aspects of marketing. What works for a logo design on a business card design, may not work for a billboard or vehicle wrap.

Logo Design for Social Media Profiles

The last thing you want to do, is take your logo in Photoshop and constrain your proportions just to get it to work on your Facebook or Twitter profile. With Front Street Media, when you purchase a logo design, we not only provide you with multiple designs to choose from at first, we will also design your logo specs according to each of the social media profiles you run. Bring out your ideas and we will get to work, we will create a brand identity and brand awareness that will surely amaze you and potential prospects. Whether it’s for your business, baseball team or personal beef jerky company, the stellar team at Front Street Media will put a smile on your face when you see how well we design your logo.

Logo Redesign in El Dorado Hills, Folsom & Sacramento

If you have a current logo that you cant stand or just need re-vamped, give us a call, we love re-designing peoples ugly logos! We have seen some pretty terrible stuff over the years and would love to get your brand identity back on track with a logo redesign. There are many aspects of a logo redesign that you may want to consider before moving forward. Some of the main questions you may want to ask yourself will be about the colors, layout, formatting, message and usability. Redesigning your logo for your business is a huge decision and choosing a logo design company that knows what they are doing is even more important.

Make the right call the first time and talk with one of our design experts at Front Street Media to create that special look you have been dreaming about for your business. Fill out our contact form or give us a call today!