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Brand Identity Design Sacramento - Logo Design Breakdown

Logo Design and Branding Agency in Sacramento, CA

If you are looking for a top quality logo and brand design agency in Sacramento, you have come to the right place at Front Street Media! We are here to take care of all your logo design needs for your Sacramento, Folsom, or El Dorado Hills business! We also specialize in branding identity consulting and a wide variety of customized brand identity packages that include just about every aspect of your web graphics and stationery graphics. 

What is logo design?

Logo design sounds like it should be easy. Just figure out what little picture or icon you can use to represent your business, and go with it, right? Well, you can take this approach, but it often leads to extremely unprofessional looking results. If you want your customers to look at your logo and have confidence that your business will be able to give them what they need, then you definitely need professional logo design.

What a logo is not

There is a misconception among many business owners, especially new business owners and startup owners, that logos are pictures. Specifically, many people believe that logos can be photographs. Let’s put that myth to rest once and for all right now: logos can not be photographs!

Logos are not photographs

Photographs have to be a certain size before they are intelligible. Logos need to be able to be small enough to put on a button or a pen. Photographs also can’t be enlarged infinitely; they will start to show pixelation at relatively small sizes. A logo needs to be big enough to put on a billboard.

Logos are not Clipart!

Logos also cannot be clip art. No matter how neat the clip art illustration looks, if you have found it online or (heaven forbid) on Microsoft Word, you cannot use it as a logo. Customers know clip art when they see it. Even if your target audience is not graphic design professionals who are intimately familiar with all the for-purchase images out there, they will still be able to tell that the image is less than perfectly professional.

A logo is NOT your life story!

A logo does not have to tell the whole story of your business. In fact, it shouldn’t. Now, we often say that your logo should encapsulate the soul or essence of your company, as it were. This is entirely true. But that doesn’t mean that it needs to be a complex image that includes a garage (because that’s where you started out) and a hamster (because that’s your mascot) and the initials of all the founding members’ names. Nobody is going to be able to remember that logo anyway. You would probably be better off with a logo that’s a triangle inside a circle instead of that complicated mess – at least it would be simple and memorable.

What a logo should be

A logo should be simple. It should be easy for someone to sketch a recognizable version of it. Consider how the Starbucks mermaid has been simplified: this is an example of an overly complex logo that was successfully branded, and years later still needed to be simplified despite the wildly successful branding campaign that the company achieved.

Your logo should be memorable (brand awareness) 

A logo should also be unique and memorable. Do not go for a logo that reflects all the other logos of all the other companies in the industry. Do you think Starbucks would have been at all as successful if its logo were a coffee cup? Your logo needs to set you apart from the competition, not make you blend in with it.

Your logo needs to leave an impression (in multiple places)

In the end, your logo needs to be brandable, and you will need to do the work branding it. We will create a fantastic logo for you, but it’s going to be up to you to present it in your company in such a way that people learn to associate it with your brand, and that they understand exactly what it means in terms of price, quality, and customer service.

Common mistakes with logo design and branding

The biggest mistake that business owners often make with logos is simply not getting one. Many new business owners assume that they don’t need a logo until they get bigger, or that they can’t afford to pay for logo design until they have seen some profits. The problem with this is that customers don’t see them as being professional. Therefore they miss out on business and growth opportunities that they could have had if they had gotten a professional logo in the first place.

At Front Street Media, you do not have to choose between being able to afford a logo and waiting until you have made some profits to buy an expensive design. We offer fantastic logo design services at even better prices, and we have packages that fit any budget. Talk to us about logo design today and get the visual branding you need to turn your business into a success!