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How to get amazing backlinks with our guest posting services

Located in El Dorado Hills, Front Street Media provides a high level of guest posting and guest blogging services for backlinks and link-building for SEO. Whether your business in located in El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Granite Bay, Roseville or the greater Sacramento area, Front Street Media can help you build high quality links and help to diversify your link portfolio.

When you’re trying to build your PA (page authority) and DA (domain authority), having an on page content marketing or inbound marketing strategy is not enough.  You also need quality backlinks from other reputable and relevant websites. This shows Google and the other major search engines that you are a high quality site as well.

You are who your friends are, as the saying goes, and this is true online as well as in person.

How to get backlinks

Types Of Backlinks

Unless you are going to pay people to say nice things about you (and good luck finding an actually reputable site that will take such a deal), you need to try a specific approach for link-building.

Also, if you have the time to sit around waiting for websites to start talking to you (and again, good luck with that), you are mostly going to be responsible for creating your own backlinks.

  • Forum Backlinks: You can put backlinks to your site on forums. This is a good way to get backlinks, and it’s not time consuming or expensive. Be aware, though, that blatant self-promotion is not usually accepted in forums. Also, be aware that forum links are not as powerful, SEO-wise, as real content-based links.
  • Comment Backlinks: The comments section of articles is another place where you can put links to your site. Do make sure that your comment is pertinent, though. Spamming the comments section with self promotion is not only obnoxious; it will get you penalized.
  • Directory Backlinks: Directory links are still a great way to build your relevancy and by creating citations for SEO, you may get some directory backlinks here and there. Building your citations, local relevancy and industry relevancy is key to ranking number one in your local market.
  • Chamber Backlinks: Expensive but worth it, chamber backlinks are always high authority and incredibly relevant because your domain name is dropped into a specific category. If you are looking to rank in the top three or number one in your local market, consider joining two or three chambers around you. This will instantly build credibility and page authority to your domain name.
  • Organic links in content on other sites (Guest Posting & Guest Blogging): This is where you get the best results for your backlinks. Organic links are built in to the content in blog posts, articles, and such. It’s not important that this content actually say nice things about you; the important thing is just to get the links.
  • Link Bait Backlinks: Link bait is when you create content so incredibly compelling that other industry experts link to your piece of content. Link bait is considered one of the hardest types of links to attain and is often considered the most “white-hat” of them all.

How to get other sites to put in organic backlinks

How To Get Backlinks

Guest Posting & Guest Blogging are essentially the same thing and one of the most important strategies in any link building campaign. More than anything, guest posting is about creating relationships on the internet with other website owners who link to your content. If you create your online network of relationships then you always have resources to reach out to for future pieces of content.

The tried and true method of getting high quality organic backlinks is guest posting.

That means you write content, including a link to your site, and you get another site to agree to post it for you. This sends traffic to your site, of course, but more importantly it indicates to search engines that your site is relevant and that it is high quality. Basically, it is a vote of popularity, and popularity matters a lot when it comes to ranking sites.

Steps to Guest Posting & Guest Blogging

Steps To Guest Posting

  1. Approach A LOT of websites. Ask them if you can guest post and put a backlink to your site.
  2. Get ready to be told “no.” A lot. Sites don’t become highly ranked and reputable by putting up whatever content other people want to post. They got their ranking by being very selective about what they write and who they link to, in order to ensure that they have consistently high quality. You can’t take it personally if they say no to you; they say no to most of the people who approach them about guest posting. That’s why you are approaching a lot of sites.
  3. Write great content for the sites who tell you “yes.”
  4. Build organic links. Links within the content are more valuable than links in an author bio at the end of the content. Links back to your website are also more valuable if you have put in some links to other sites in the article as well.

It can take a really long time to get enough organic backlinks to make a difference in your SEO ranking. You might be sending out proposals and writing content for months. And, of course, you are running your business too, so it will take even more time than it would if you could devote yourself just to getting those backlinks. Or you could have Front Street Media take care of your backlinks for you, and enjoy a jump in your SEO ranking without any effort at all!

Organic White Hat Link-Building Services in Sacramento

White Hat Link Building

We will take care of all the steps to building your organic backlinks to your site. We will approach sites and arrange for your links to be placed in content we will write for them. We will write the content for the sites. And we will include several outgoing links along with the backlinks for your site.

At Front Street Media, we guarantee that you will see positive and measurable results from our link building strategies. We do not guarantee that you will become a millionaire overnight, but when done correctly, Guest Posting and Guest Blogging can have a huge impact on your rankings, online success and yes, profit.

You can count on us for all your SEO needs, including link-building and guest posting.

If you are located in the Greater Sacramento Area (El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Roseville, Etc), feel free to stop by our office in El Dorado Hills and lets talk. Our office is located in the Business Parks of El Dorado Hills (Entrance #1) off Windplay and Windfield. Our team of guest posting and link-building experts are standing by waiting to give you all the details you need on link-building and guest blogging.

Stop by, give us a call today or shoot us an email.