Project Management System

Project Management System

Our Front Street Media project management system allows for more than just managing projects and tasks. The sections of the project management system include project title, project department, project status, date created, date last updated, project employees attached to that project, project days old, project attachments uploaded, as well as all project note management. The project management system includes multiple employee project management as well as an unlimited number of project management with an option to view all open and closed projects.

From the main project management control panel you can see what clients and employees are attached to that project with the option to enter into the details behind that project. Once you view a project you then have more options and features including project details, project title, project description, project department, project status, project priority level, date created, date completed as well as options to update, delete, cancel, create billing, attach project to accounting, as well as approving for production. You can also attach as many clients and employees to that specific project that you are creating.

All notes are stored in the project from prospect relationship (Prospect Management Section) to client relationship with reply features as well as reply to certain users feature, as well as private notes. We have developed an integrated attachment section where you can upload new attachments label those attachments or delete those attachments.

The Front Street Media project management system allows you to quickly view which projects are priority by color flashing indicators. Projects that have not been responded to or updated in a certain period of will display different colors to show you which projects have been responded to, updated, attachments added, etc. If your project has been updated by an employee and the client has not responded, an automated email will be sent to all clients attached to that project informing them to log in and view the changes to that project. When clients log into the project management section they have a notes section where they will then add all notes and changes on that project. Once notes are added from the client, the system will then notify you via email that there are changes that are needed within that project.

Project Management System Features and Benefits

Project Employee Management

Manage and attach certain employees to specific projects and certain departments. The Front Street Media allows you to attached employees a two specific depart such as website design, graphic design, business card design, or any other department you would like to create. Attach employee A to Logo Design, attach employee B to Website Design, Attach Employee C to marketing campaigns. When the project is created by a client and selected website design it will attach employee B to that project automatically as well as send employee B an email saying to get started on that project.

Project Department

Create an unlimited number of departments. Create different departs that fit your business model such as graphic design, website design, banner, brochure, business card, logo, magazine ad, restaurant menu, poster, video, video graphic, online marketing campaign, or website build/ programming. Upon selection of department, automatic generated email reminders will be sent to all users attached to that department.

Project Status

Status of your project may include open, in progress, waiting for client input, sent to print, approved for production, closed or whatever type of project status you would like to add and make the system more customized to fit your business model. Upon change of project status, automatic generated email reminders will be sent to all users attached to that Project. All project status details are time and date stamped.

Project Title: When project is created and attached to a business, the project automatically associated with the client business details, client details, client domain name, as well as client accounting. Upon Project creation, automatic generated email reminders will be sent to all users attached to that project.

Date Project was Created

The date your project was created in the Front Street Media Project Management System and what business, user, client, and employee it was added by combined with automatic emails sent to all user profiles attached to that Project.

Date Project was Last Updated

The date your project was last updated, whether it be from business, user, client, or employee combined with automatic emails sent to all user profiles attached to that Project.

Project Date Days Old

The project day’s old section will display how many days the project has been in the Project Management System. This keeps everyone on task and on time. If you are given a certain number of days or weeks to complete a project, a quick view of this section on the main project management control panel will help keep your employees on task and your project completion time rate will increase.

Project Attachments

The project attachment system allows for an unlimited number of designs and graphics to be uploaded. Have your clients upload pictures and graphics of design styles they like and an automated email will be sent to all employees attached to that project. Once the design phase is started, your clients will be sent an automated email informing them to log in and see all designs uploaded into the Front Street Media project management system. Attachments uploaded in the system have to option to be automatically water marked with company brand and identity to protect the client from taking that image before they approve for production. All projects are time and date stamped.

Project Wide Notes

If the clients need changes to a design, they will add notes in a notes section that is stored from the moment the project is created to the day the project is closed. All notes are time and date stamped.

Private Company Notes

Employees have the option to add private notes in the private notes section which will only go to employees attached to that project as well as main admin user account. All notes are time and date stamped.

Project Approval

Project must be approved by client in the system to start production or to allow final graphic proof of design. Once project approval is approved, final proof will be uploaded and project will be closed. All Approval is time and date stamped.

Closed Projects

Closed projects can access by employees who were associated with that project as well as clients that were attached to that project. Clients have the option to log into the system at any time and re-download business cards, logos, fliers, posters, t-shirt designs, banners, as well as all print and promotional material.

Employee Project Search

We have developed a “Sort by Feature” that allows you to sort projects by employee. You have the option to sort projects based on all employees in your business.