Does Social Media Affect SEO?

Does Social Media Affect SEO?

How does Social Media Affect your SEO campaign?

Does Social Media have a large effect on your Search Engine Optimization campaign in a small town like El Dorado Hills or Folsom? Yes. Social Media will play a huge part in towns where “Everyone knows Everyone” and it is important to use that to your benefit.

Social Media is now around us every day, whether it is in your pocket, briefcase, desktop or the navigation in your car, social media is now one of the biggest factors in online marketing. Developing a social media campaign for your company is not always easy, so we need to first figure out which social media platforms you are going to use and how those platforms are going to affect your seo campaign. You will also need to determine such factors as your local population and being that cities such as El Dorado Hills and Folsom are not very populated, social media may play more into your marketing campaign than you think.

What Social Media Platforms will help your SEO Campaign

When deciding which social media platforms to choose for your company to help your SEO efforts, you first need to decide what type of media/ material you will be using. Do you have graphic heavy media, content heavy media, video heavy media or all of the above? Some social media websites just were not meant for your business so don’t go getting cocky and starting 25 social media websites that you will never update. Instead, pick the top 3 or 5 social media websites that you will constantly update and keep fresh for your customers and future prospects.

Does Socia Media Help SEO or increase your SERPS

Depending on which social media website you are using will depend on exactly how they will help your SEO campaign. Some social media websites have do follow backlinks and some do not. Its important to keep in mind, however, it is not necessarily crucial to have social media profiles for the sake of a single backlink to your website. Having many social media profiles will increase your SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Placements) which means more listings when people either search for your business or your industry. Increasing your SERPS are very important for local businesses in smaller markets such as El Dorado Hills and Folsom. Being a smaller market, when someone searches for your industry, you want to own as many placements in the search engines as possible, social media can really help you here.

How can Facebook Help your SEO?

Facebook will help your SEO campaign with driving links to multiple landing pages on your websites, giving you more traffic and much more prospect inquires. The more referral traffic you have to your website, the more leads you will get and money you will make. There are many different options for marketing on Facebook as well, promote your website, promote your page, promote likes, etc. Facebook is the work horse of social media and can provide you real time leads if your marketing is set up correctly. The more fans and followers you have on Facebook, the more reach for marketing you have which means more re-shares and a larger brand identity.

How can Twitter Help SEO?

Twitter it a powerhouse of local or national brand recognition. Depending on your marketing strategy, you can quickly become the local El Dorado Hills “Whatever Industry” of choice. With proper Twitter marketing efforts, you can quickly build small online relationships that are sure to blossom into real time leads and prospects. Being that Twitter is a micro blog (tweets), there are many opportunities to make small jokes with people, compliment people and even reach out to people only to say “Have a good day”. There are many strategies with Twitter and telling your current followers to follow other people is a pretty popular one.

How can Google + Help SEO?

With Google + being the place your main business profile is viewed online, i would think Google + for SEO is extremely important. Google + is Googles social media platform, however it is also the location of your business name, hours, website, pictures and more. Google Places used to be where all your information was viewed and updated, however Google + has taken over. Google + can help your SEO efforts because the more you post on your Google plus page, the more chances you have for those results landing in the search results. Google + is obviously favored by Google because it is their social platform, so utilize it as much as possible. If you are not using Google + regularly, you need to start today!

How can Tumblr Help SEO?

Tumblr has some huge potential for your SEO campaign because you can add a custom domain name to Tumblr and leverage user generated content to start aging your domain name. Once you have a custom domain name on Tumblr, you can then start re-sharing other users content on your domain name. Once you have a good 3-6 months of constant content rolling through your Tumblr domain name, you can then start launching your landing pages and they will start ranking better because of the age and content that was previously rolling through the domain.


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