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When you tell people that you have a business, the first thing they often ask is “do you have a business card?”. In the world of Google and Bing it is easy to think that people can look you up if they need to get in contact with you, but the fact is that people forget.

People you meet will eventually forget your name, company name and your email address. If you want your customers and prospects to remember you and come directly to your website for their needs, you need to give them a business card.

Business cards aren’t typically expensive, but they can be. Most importantly, the graphic design aspect needs to be stunning. You don’t want to be handing out a business card that looks amateur, boring, cheap and most importantly with some print companies logo on the back.

Business card graphic design is an art and a representation of your brand identity. When you get a well-designed business card, you inspire confidence in your potential customers. Business cards will convince your prospects that you can provide professional services at an affordable cost.

All of this and more is conveyed just by the way your business card is designed. Front Street Media specializes in Graphic Design and Printing in El Dorado Hills and the greater Sacramento area so if you have a need for custom business cards, we can do everything from the design to printing services.

Different Types of Business Card Printing Options:

  • UV Front/Back
  • UV Front/ Matte Back
  • Spot UV Business Cards
  • Gold Foil Business Cards
  • Aqua Foil Cards
  • Raised Spot Gloss
  • Textured Business Cards
  • Thick 34pt Business Cards
  • 4″ X 2″ Business Cards
  • Digital Business Cards with NFC technology

Company Brand Identity Through Print Marketing

Gold Foil Business Card - Graphic Design

Your business cards promote your companies brand identity.

When people look at your business cards, they see the way you are presenting yourself and your company. Even if your prospects do not think that they are paying attention to the way the card looks, they are.

Even if your prospects are just looking at the phone number or email address, they are getting an impression of your brand identity. Make your businesses brand identity an impressive one with a stunning business card design.

Business Cards are your First Impression

Front Street Media Business Cards Luxe

Your business card is your first impression.

Whether you give someone your business card in the course of a conversation or leave it on a table for someone to find, the first contact that many people will have with your business is through your business card. If your business card design is eye-catching, easy to read and a good representation of your business, any prospect will be impressed and will be more likely to call you.

First impressions are important for interpersonal meetings because they are when we decide whether or not we trust someone. They are even more important for businesses because there are plenty of other competitors out there if your customers decide that they did not like the impression you made. This is why it is so important to get great custom business card design!

1000 FREE Printed Business Cards!

We are serious about designing the best business cards in El Dorado Hills and the Sacramento Area. It takes time and skill to design business cards. If you have Front Street Media design business cards for you, we are going to put some serious commitment into the overall design and layout of your cards.

We also want you to get your money’s worth, and that’s why we give you 1000 FREE printed cards with your order of a business card design.

We are located in the El Dorado Hills business parks; however, we service the Greater Sacramento area and beyond for print design and Business Card Design. For examples of our work, please see our graphic design portfolio and let us know if you have any questions.

Contact us today to find out how a custom business card design can help your business.