Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Web Design

You will love the following 10 Chrome Extensions if you are in Web Design

Web design is an amazing job or hobby because there are always so many incredible examples being created every day. Every internet search turns up a host of new ideas that we designers can get inspiration from.

With all the great ideas around, the challenge is more to capture and use that inspiration than to find it. When you see something amazing, you don’t want to have to stop everything you are doing to save it, nor do you want to risk forgetting it later. Fortunately, there are a whole crowd of app developers who understand the plight of the web designer, often because they are web designers themselves.

Here are our top chrome extensions for web design

Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Web Design

#10. Evernote Web Clipper

If you’re not already using Evernote, you are missing out. This all-in-one organizer lets you keep track of to-do lists, things you can’t afford to forget, and even (with a bit of finagling) your calendar. But the best part of Evernote isn’t actually on the Evernote app itself; it’s the extension you put on your Chrome. The Evernote Web Clipper lets you grab any page, image, section of text, or other object of interest that you happen to stumble across while surfing the web and send it directly to your Evernote. You can choose what list it gets sent to with just one click. It’s the perfect way to organize the things that inspire you or resources you want to come back to.

#9. WhatFont

If you’re a graphic designer or web designer, you need the WhatFont Chrome Extension. It lets you see what font is being used for any given site or bit of text. Have you ever driven yourself crazy trying to find the beautiful font you saw once but don’t know how to find and download for your own use? Never again. WhatFont makes it easy. WhatFont supports Google Font API and Typekit.

#8. Palette

Have you ever seen an image that has a perfect color scheme, and then spent an hour picking out the colors in it to use for a design? Palette lets you create a color palette instantly from any image. Just right click on the picture and the plugin will cause an option for “Palette for Chrome” to pop up. Click this, select the number of colors you want your palette to have, and it does it for you! With the Palette Chrome Extension, you can bring your web design projects to life and fast! You can instantly generate web design styles and color palette ideas for projects in about 3 minuets.

#7. Stylebot

Stylebot lets you generate custom CSS for any webpage with an interactive editor. Change elements of the webpage to match the style you want. You can also write CSS manually in Stylebot. With Stylebot, you can literally generate your own CSS on the fly. As a CSS/ HTML programmer we are all familiar with going through Stack Overflow, trying to find that perfect piece of CSS. Not anymore, with Stylebot, you can generate some seriously impressive CSS quick.

#6. CSS Shapes Editor

Complementing Stylebot, CSS Shapes Editor lets you move, resize, and manipulate shape values in CSS with an interactive editor.

#5. Dimensions

Dimensions is an app that lets you measure pages directly in your browser. You can measure the boundaries of your images, your icons, text boxes, HTML elements, and all other parts of your page. Dimensions works great for mockups, letting you make sure the page you are building is exactly the way you need it to be.

#4. Benchwarmer

Benchwarmer is the ultimate in web design inspiration. It works with Dribble, which is a site that lets designers showcase their best work. With the Benchwarmer extension, the default page for the new tab is a collection of fantastic designs on Dribble, gleaned from your own settings and preferences there.

#3. Yslow

Why slow? Yslow tells you. This utilitarian Chrome extension tells you why your page is running slow. It analyzes different elements of the page and offers suggestions about ways you can make it run faster. The best part about Yslow is that it is Chrome Extension in your browser and you can constantly run speed tests on your website and internal pages. Unlink Pingdom, you don’t have to open any new windows. We like that.

#2. Appspector

Appspector lets you look at the bones that make your favorite websites run – the web framework, the content management system, and the JavaScript library. Next time you see a website that you want to be able to recreate, let Appspector tell you exactly how!

#1. Alexa Traffic Rank

If you care about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you know about Alexa. Alexa Traffic Rank is the free Chrome extension that lets you look at traffic statistics for any page you are browsing. You can see who is coming to the page, how they get there, what terms they are searching to find it, and even what the page used to look like.

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